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Current versions:
6.8.9-8 HEAD


This formula is keg-only.


imagemagick requires the following formulae to be installed:

Reverse dependencies

The following formulae require imagemagick to be installed:

Formula history

Jack Nagel imagemagick: remove obsolete libtool workaround
Jack Nagel imagemagick: stop using UnsafeSubversionDownloadStrategy
Yann Coupin ImageMagick: add optional support for FFTW
BrewTestBot imagemagick: update 6.8.9-8 bottle.
Jack Nagel imagemagick 6.8.9-8
BrewTestBot imagemagick: update 6.8.9-7 bottle.
Jack Nagel Provide a method to access test fixtures
Tim D. Smith imagemagick: undisrecommend ghostscript
Mike McQuaid imagemagick: depends_on xz now.
BrewTestBot imagemagick: update 6.8.9-7 bottle.
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