command-line interface for Jfrog Artifactory and Bintray

Current version:

Homepage: https://github.com/JFrogDev/jfrog-cli-go


jfrog-cli-go requires the following formula to be installed:

Formula history

Eyal Ben Moshe jfrog-cli-go 1.6.0
eyalbe4 jfrog-cli-go 1.5.1
eyalbe4 jfrog-cli-go 1.5.0
ilovezfs jfrog-cli-go 1.4.1
ilovezfs jfrog-cli-go 1.4.0
romangurevitch jfrog-cli-go 1.3.2
romangurevitch jfrog-cli-go 1.3.1
romangurevitch jfrog-cli-go 1.3.0
Eyal Ben Moshe jfrog-cli-go 1.2.0
Eyal Ben Moshe jfrog-cli-go 1.1.0
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