Image manipulation library Also known as: libjpeg, libjpg

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The following formulae require jpeg to be installed:
fox 1.6.51 Toolkit for developing Graphical User Interfaces easily.
grace 5.1.25
php55 5.5.38_12 PHP Version 5.5
php53 5.3.29_8 PHP Version 5.3
php54 5.4.45_7 PHP Version 5.4
sdl_image 1.2.12_7 Image file loading library
jasper 2.0.14 Library for manipulating JPEG-2000 images
djvulibre 3.5.27_1 DjVu viewer
dcraw 9.27.0_2 Digital camera RAW photo decoding software
ufraw 0.22_2 Unidentified Flying RAW: RAW image processing utility
jpegoptim 1.4.4_1 Utility to optimize JPEG files
libgaiagraphics 0.5_3 Library supporting common-utility raster handling
gocr 0.50 Optical Character Recognition (OCR), converts images back to text
grace 5.1.25_2 WYSIWYG 2D plotting tool for X11
mjpegtools 2.1.0_2 Record and playback videos and perform simple edits
jpeginfo 1.6.1_1 Prints information and tests integrity of JPEG/JFIF files
openslide 3.4.1_3 C library to read whole-slide images (a.k.a. virtual slides)
imageworsener 1.3.2_1 Utility and library for image scaling and processing
x11vnc 0.9.13_1 VNC server for real X displays
ffmpegthumbnailer 2.2.0_1 Create thumbnails for your video files
links 2.14_1 Lynx-like WWW browser that supports tables, menus, etc.
gpac 0.7.1 Multimedia framework for research and academic purposes
gubbins 2.3.1 Detect recombinations in Bacteria
visp 3.0.1_4 Visual Servoing Platform library
devil 1.8.0_1 Cross-platform image library
libgxps 0.2.5_2 GObject based library for handling and rendering XPS documents
minetest 0.4.16_1 Free, open source voxel game engine and game
rlvm 0.14_3 RealLive interpreter for VisualArts games
center-im 4.22.10_1 Text-mode multi-protocol instant messaging client
little-cms2 2.9 Color management engine supporting ICC profiles
webp 0.6.1 Image format providing lossless and lossy compression for web images
gst-plugins-ugly 1.12.4 Library for constructing graphs of media-handling components
enblend-enfuse 4.2_3 Combines images that overlap
astrometry-net 0.73 Automatic identification of astronomical images
insighttoolkit 4.13.0 ITK is a toolkit for performing registration and segmentation
sumo 0.32.0 Simulation of Urban Mobility
fontforge 20170731_2 Command-line outline and bitmap font editor/converter
little-cms 1.19_1 Version 1 of the Little CMS library
weboob 1.3_1 Web Outside of Browsers
visp 3.1.0 Visual Servoing Platform library
fdroidserver 1.0.0 Create and manage Android app repositories for F-Droid
blastem 0.5.1 Fast and accurate Genesis emulator
php70 7.0.27_19 PHP Version 7.0
povray Persistence Of Vision RAYtracer (POVRAY)
php56 5.6.33_9 PHP Version 5.6
scummvm 2.0.0 Graphic adventure game interpreter
libraw 0.18.7 Library for reading RAW files from digital photo cameras
sdl2_image 2.0.2 Library for loading images as SDL surfaces and textures
freeswitch 1.6.19_2 Telephony platform to route various communication protocols
mapnik 3.0.18 Toolkit for developing mapping applications
jp2a 1.0.6_1 Convert JPG images to ASCII
fizmo 0.8.5_1 Z-Machine interpreter
php71 7.1.14_25 PHP Version 7.1
php72 7.2.2_13 PHP Version 7.2
vips 8.6.2 Image processing library
fltk 1.3.4-2 Cross-platform C++ GUI toolkit
gegl 0.3.28 Graph based image processing framework
graphicsmagick 1.3.28_1 Image processing tools collection
flactag 2.0.4_1 Tag single album FLAC files with MusicBrainz CUE sheets
open-scene-graph 3.5.9 3D graphics toolkit
mame 0.194_1 Multiple Arcade Machine Emulator
io 2017.09.06 Small prototype-based programming language
mpv 0.27.2 Media player based on MPlayer and mplayer2
qemu 2.11.1 x86 and PowerPC Emulator
gphoto2 2.5.15 Command-line interface to libgphoto2
netpbm 10.73.18 Image manipulation
libgeotiff 1.4.2_1 Library and tools for dealing with GeoTIFF
imagemagick@6 6.9.9-35 Tools and libraries to manipulate images in many formats

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