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 Also known as:juju@2.0


juju requires the following formula to be installed:

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The following formula requires juju to be installed:

Formula history

Curtis Hoveyjuju 2.1-rc1 (devel)
Curtis Hoveyjuju 2.0.3
Mike McQuaidjuju: rename from juju@2.0.
Mike McQuaidjuju: rename to juju@1.25.
Zhiming WangRevert "juju: update 1.25.6 bottle."
Tom Kochjuju 1.25.6
Martin Afanasjewjuju: remove devel
Tom Kochjuju 1.26-alpha3 (devel) (#2433)
Tom Kochjuju 2.0-beta9 (devel), correct homepage (#2249)
Tom Kochjuju 2.0-beta8 (devel) (#1990)
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