C library of Git core methods that is re-entrant and linkable

Current versions:
0.25.1 HEAD



libgit2 requires the following formulae to be installed:

Formula history

ilovezfs libgit2 0.25.1
JCount libgit2 0.25.0
ilovezfs libgit2 0.25.0-rc2 (devel)
ilovezfs libgit2 0.24.5
ilovezfs libgit2 0.24.3
ilovezfs libgit2 0.24.2
Zhiming Wang libgit2: remove compiler flags found in the environment
Dominyk Tiller libgit2 0.24.1
Mike McQuaid libgit2: build, install examples.
Tom Schoonjans libgit2 0.23.4
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