Library to render SVG files using Cairo

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The following formulae require librsvg to be installed:

Formula history

Zhiming Wanglibrsvg: remove compiler flags found in the environment
Dominyk Tillerlibrsvg: revision for GNOME updates
Tomasz Pajorlibrsvg 2.40.16
Dominyk Tillerlibrsvg 2.40.15
Tom Schoonjanslibrsvg 2.40.13
Tom Schoonjanslibrsvg 2.40.12
Tom Schoonjanslibrsvg 2.40.11
Tom Schoonjansgdk-pixbuf 2.32.0
Tom Schoonjanslibrsvg 2.40.10
Xu Chenglibrsvg: update gdk-pixbuf cache in post_install
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