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libtool requires the following formula to be installed:
xz 5.2.3 General-purpose data compression with high compression ratio

Reverse dependencies

The following formulae require libtool to be installed:
globus-toolkit 6.0.1477634051 Toolkit used for building grids
jerasure 2.0 Library in C that supports erasure coding in storage applications
cuetools 1.4.1 Utilities for .cue and .toc files
fourstore 1.1.6 Efficient, stable RDF database
gumbo-parser 0.10.1 C99 library for parsing HTML5
mimetic 0.9.8 C++ MIME library
nut 2.7.4 Network UPS Tools: Support for various power devices
nutcracker 0.4.1 Proxy for memcached and redis
submarine 0.1.4 Search and download subtitles
termrec 0.17 Record "videos" of terminal output
tpl 1.6.1 Store and retrieve binary data in C
xdelta 3.1.0 Binary diff, differential compression tools
openhmd 0.2.0 Free and open source API and drivers for immersive technology
hesiod 3.2.1 Library for the simple string lookup service built on top of DNS
torsocks 2.2.0 Use SOCKS-friendly applications with Tor
shellinabox 2.20 Export command-line tools to web based terminal emulator
pinfo 0.6.10 User-friendly, console-based viewer for Info documents
cfssl 1.2.0_2 CloudFlare's PKI toolkit
unac 1.8.0 C library and command that removes accents from a string
ifuse 1.1.3 FUSE module for iPhone and iPod Touch devices
s3-backer 1.4.3 FUSE-based single file backing store via Amazon S3
sshfs 2.8 File system client based on SSH File Transfer Protocol
lilypond 2.18.2 Sheet music engraver
curlftpfs 0.9.2
i3 4.13 Tiling window manager
lrdf 0.6.1 RDF library for accessing plugin metadata in the LADSPA plugin system
curlftpfs 0.9.2
tracebox 0.3.1 Middlebox detection tool
healpix 3.31 Hierarchical Equal Area isoLatitude Pixelization of a sphere
gtkextra 3.3.3 Widgets for creating GUIs for GTK+
minidjvu 0.8 DjVu multipage encoder, single page encoder/decoder
srecord 1.64 Tools for manipulating EPROM load files
snid 5.0_4 Determine redshifts, type, and age of Type Ia supernovae
link-grammar 5.3.15 Carnegie Mellon University's link grammar parser
beagle 2.1.2 Evaluate the likelihood of sequence evolution on trees
jsbsim 1.0.rc2_1 Open source flight dynamics model
libpll 1.0.11 PLL is a C library for doing phylogenetics
synfig 1.0.2_2 Command-line renderer
exult 1.4.9rc1+r7520 Recreation of Ultima 7
simple-obfs 0.0.3 Simple obfusacting plugin of shadowsocks-libev.
pandaseq 2.11 PAired-eND Assembler for DNA sequences
breseq 0.30.0 Find mutations in microbes from short reads
ab 2.4.25 Apache HTTP server benchmarking tool
pcre++ 0.9.5 C++ wrapper for the Perl Compatible Regular Expressions
thrift@0.90 0.9.0 Framework for scalable cross-language services development
moc 2.5.2_1 Terminal-based music player
djview4 4.10.6_1 Viewer for the DjVu image format
s3-backer 1.4.3 FUSE-based single file backing store via Amazon S3
ckon 0.7.1_3 C++ tool for data analyses in the CERN ROOT framework
mailutils 3.2 Swiss Army knife of email handling
php53-mcrypt 5.3.29 An interface to the mcrypt library
php54-mcrypt 5.4.45 An interface to the mcrypt library
php55-mcrypt 5.5.38 An interface to the mcrypt library
mu 0.9.18_1 Tool for searching e-mail messages stored in the maildir-format
gnudatalanguage 0.9.7_1 Free and open-source IDL/PV-WAVE compiler
omcompiler 1.9.6_1 Modelica compiler translating Modelica to C code
phyx 0.99_1 Command-line tools for phylogenetic analyses
dnscrypt-proxy 1.9.5 Secure communications between a client and a DNS resolver
xrmc 6.6.0 Monte Carlo simulation of X-ray imaging and spectroscopy experiments
hdf5 1.10.1 File format designed to store large amounts of data
urbit 0.4.5 Personal cloud computer
moodbar 0.1.2 Generates .mood files for music tracks
gtk-vnc 0.7.1 VNC viewer widget for GTK.
awf 1.4.0 'A Widget Factory' is a theme preview application for gtk2 and gtk3
sassc 3.4.5 Wrapper around libsass that helps to create command-line apps
tnef 1.4.15 Microsoft MS-TNEF attachment unpacker
fdk-aac-encoder 0.6.3 Command-line encoder frontend for libfdk-aac
aubio 0.4.5 Extract annotations from audio signals
ledger@2.6 2.6.3 Command-line, double-entry accounting tool
sblim-sfcc 2.2.8 Project to enhance the manageability of GNU/Linux system
sparkey 0.2.0_2 Constant key-value store, best for frequent read/infrequent write uses
gst-rtsp-server 1.12.2 RTSP server library based on GStreamer
collectd 5.7.2 Statistics collection and monitoring daemon
mod_security 2.9.2 Open Source Web application firewall
opensc 0.17.0 Tools and libraries for smart cards
recode 3.7-beta2 Convert character set (charsets)
php70-mcrypt 7.0.22_14 Interface to the mcrypt library
php71-mcrypt 7.1.8_15 Interface to the mcrypt library
riemann-client 1.10.2 C client library for the Riemann monitoring system
mimic Lightweight text-to-speech engine based on CMU Flite
stubby 0.1.2 DNS privacy enabled stub resolver service based on getdns
infer 0.12.1 Static analyzer for Java, C and Objective-C
rtmidi 3.0.0 C++ classes that provide a common API for realtime MIDI input/output
freeswitch 1.6.19 Telephony platform to route various communication protocols
dmtx-utils 0.7.5_2 Read and write data matrix barcodes
i3 4.14 Tiling window manager
vowpal-wabbit 8.4.0_2 Online learning algorithm
ivykis 0.42.1 Async I/O-assisting library
redex 1.1.0_1 Bytecode optimizer for Android apps
pdf-tools 0.80 Emacs support library for PDF files
ndpi 2.0 Deep Packet Inspection (DPI) library
glib 2.54.0 Core application library for C
libevent 2.1.8 Asynchronous event library
libsndfile 1.0.28 C library for files containing sampled sound
libnet 1.1.6 C library for creating IP packets
protobuf 3.4.1 Protocol buffers (Google's data interchange format)
libtermkey 0.20 Library for processing keyboard entry from the terminal
libvterm 681 C99 library which implements a VT220 or xterm terminal emulator.
unibilium 1.2.1 Very basic terminfo library.
libdnet 1.12 Portable low-level networking library
guile 2.2.2 GNU Ubiquitous Intelligent Language for Extensions
openmotif 2.3.7 LGPL release of the Motif toolkit
grpc 1.6.1 Next generation open source RPC library and framework
smpeg 0.4.5 SDL MPEG Player Library
graphicsmagick 1.3.26_1 Image processing tools collection
gspell 1.6.0 Flexible API to implement spellchecking in GTK+ applications
arpack 3.5.0 Routines to solve large scale eigenvalue problems
qemu 2.10.0 x86 and PowerPC Emulator
afflib 3.7.16 Advanced Forensic Format
hidapi 0.8.0-rc1 Library for communicating with USB and Bluetooth HID devices
cunit 2.1-3 Lightweight unit testing framework for C
erlang@19 19.3 Programming language for highly scalable real-time systems
libiodbc 3.52.12 Database connectivity layer based on ODBC. (alternative to unixodbc)
smpeg2 2.0.0 SDL MPEG Player Library
tesseract 3.05.01 OCR (Optical Character Recognition) engine
octave 4.2.1_6 High-level interpreted language for numerical computing
protobuf@3.1 3.1.0 Protocol buffers (Google's data interchange format)
vapoursynth 38 Video processing framework with simplicity in mind
expect 5.45 Program that can automate interactive applications
minizip 1.2.11 C library for zip/unzip via zLib
erlang@18 18.3.4 Programming language for highly scalable real-time systems
htop-osx Improved top (interactive process viewer) for macOS
hunspell 1.6.2 Spell checker and morphological analyzer
ios-webkit-debug-proxy 1.8 DevTools proxy for iOS devices
imagemagick 7.0.7-3 Tools and libraries to manipulate images in many formats
imagemagick@6 6.9.9-14 Tools and libraries to manipulate images in many formats
freealut 1.1.0 Implementation of OpenAL's ALUT standard
pdf2htmlex 0.14.6_18 PDF to HTML converter
zbar 0.10_7 Suite of barcodes-reading tools
libgetdata 0.10.0 Reference implementation of the Dirfile Standards
gnu-smalltalk 3.2.5_5 GNU Smalltalk interpreter and image
folly 2017.09.18.00 Collection of reusable C++ library artifacts developed at Facebook
libsass 3.4.5 C implementation of a Sass compiler
privoxy 3.0.26 Advanced filtering web proxy
libagg 2.5 High fidelity 2D graphics library for C++
libbitcoin 3.3.0_3 Bitcoin Cross-Platform C++ Development Toolkit
libdivecomputer 0.5.0 Library for communication with various dive computers.
liberasurecode 1.5.0 Erasure Code API library written in C with pluggable backends
libetpan 1.8 Portable mail library handling several protocols
libextractor 1.4 Library to extract meta data from files
libfabric 1.5.0 OpenFabrics libfabric
bitcoin 0.14.2_2 Decentralized, peer to peer payment network
libharu 2.3.0 Library for generating PDF files
liblcf 0.5.2_1 Library for RPG Maker 2000/2003 games data
libmaa 1.3.2 Low-level data structures including hash tables, sets, lists
libmill 1.18 Go-style concurrency in C
libmp3splt 0.9.2 Utility library to split mp3, ogg, and FLAC files
libnids 1.24 Implements E-component of network intrusion detection system
libstrophe 0.9.1 XMPP library for C
libucl 0.8.0 Universal configuration library parser

Formula history

ilovezfs libtool: swap GNU url and mirror.
FX Coudert libtool: drop universal
Shaun Jackman libtool: improve the test. (#3882)
Xu Cheng libtool: prevent libtool from hardcoding sed path from superenv
Viktor Szakats libtool: use secure url
Mike McQuaid libtool: add El Capitan bottle.
Nikolaus Wittenstein Add descriptions to all remaining homebrew packages
David Christenson libtool 2.4.6
Baptiste Fontaine libtool 2.4.5
Mike McQuaid libtool: fix strict audit failures.
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