GNOME XML library Also known as: libxml2@2.9
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Current versions

libxml2 requires the following formulae to be installed:
autoconf 2.69 Automatic configure script builder
automake 1.15.1 Tool for generating GNU Standards-compliant Makefiles
libtool 2.4.6_1 Generic library support script
pkg-config 0.29.2 Manage compile and link flags for libraries

Reverse dependencies

The following formulae require libxml2 to be installed:
latexila 3.22.1 LaTeX editor for the GNOME desktop
phpbrew 1.22.5_1 installs multiple version php(s) in your $HOME directory
shogun 6.0.0 Large scale machine learning toolbox
opencollada 1.6.47 Stream based reader and writer library for COLLADA files
sratoolkit 2.8.2-1_1 Data tools for INSDC Sequence Read Archive
php55 5.5.38_12 PHP Version 5.5
php56 5.6.31_7 PHP Version 5.6
php53 5.3.29_8 PHP Version 5.3
php54 5.4.45_7 PHP Version 5.4
php72 7.2.0beta3_5 PHP Version 7.2
itstool 2.0.2_2 Make XML documents translatable through PO files
libspatialite 4.3.0a_3 Adds spatial SQL capabilities to SQLite
libxslt 1.1.29 C XSLT library for GNOME
gdal 1.11.5_3 Geospatial Data Abstraction Library
libosinfo 1.1.0 The Operating System information database
libdap 3.19.0_1 Framework for scientific data networking
ghex 3.18.3 GNOME hex editor
gnome-doc-utils 0.20.10 Documentation utilities for the GNOME project
gwyddion 2.49 Scanning Probe Microscopy visualization and analysis tool
yelp-tools 3.18.0 Tools that help create and edit Mallard or DocBook documentation.
anjuta 3.26.0 GNOME Integrated Development Environment
dnsperf Measure DNS performance by simulating network conditions
openslide 3.4.1_3 C library to read whole-slide images (a.k.a. virtual slides)
file-roller 3.26.0 GNOME archive manager
xmoto 0.5.11_1 2D motocross platform game
glade 3.20.0_2 RAD tool for the GTK+ and GNOME environment
zenity 3.24.0 GTK+ dialog boxes for the command-line
aqbanking 5.6.12 Generic online banking interface

Formula history

ilovezfs libxml2 2.9.5
ilovezfs libxml2: run configure only once (#17189)
Dominyk Tiller libxml2: apply more CVE fixes
Dominyk Tiller libxml2: always build python bindings
FX Coudert libxml2: drop universal
Boris Dušek libxml2: Change source of attribute decoding patch
Boris Dušek libxml2: fix #9661 - update Debian patch link to new version
Dominyk Tiller libxml2: pick up upstream schema validation patch
Dominyk Tiller libxml2: patch CVE-2016-4658, CVE-2016-5131
Mike McQuaid libxml2: remove unused fails_with :llvm.
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