Powerful, lightweight programming language Also known as: lua@5.2

Current version

Revision: 4

Reverse dependencies

The following formulae require lua to be installed:
sile 0.9.4_2 Modern typesetting system inspired by TeX
php70-lua 2.0.2 This extension embeds the lua interpreter..
php71-lua 2.0.2 This extension embeds the lua interpreter..
shogun 6.0.0 Large scale machine learning toolbox
xraylib 3.2.0 Library for interactions of X-rays with matter
pdns 4.0.4 Authoritative nameserver
rrdtool 1.7.0 Round Robin Database
libquvi 0.4.1_1 C library to parse flash media stream properties
mpv 0.27.0 Media player based on MPlayer and mplayer2
gegl 0.3.20 Graph based image processing framework
monotone 1.1_2 Distributed version control system (DVCS)
suricata 4.0.0 Network IDS, IPS, and security monitoring engine
wireshark 2.4.1 Graphical network analyzer and capture tool
pdnsrec 4.0.6 Non-authoritative/recursing DNS server
pioneer 20170827 Game of lonely space adventure
widelands build19_5 Free real-time strategy game like Settlers II.
osrm-backend 5.11.0_2 High performance routing engine
lutok 0.4 Lightweight C++ API for Lua
onscripter 20170814 NScripter-compatible visual novel engine
weechat 1.9.1 Extensible IRC client
imapfilter 2.6.10 IMAP message processor/filter
freeswitch 1.6.19 Telephony platform to route various communication protocols
httest 2.4.19 Provides a large variety of HTTP-related test functionality.
lsyncd 2.2.2 Synchronize local directories with remote targets
xmoto 0.5.11_1 2D motocross platform game
macvim 8.0-137_2 GUI for vim, made for macOS

Formula history

Chongyu Zhu lua: remove universal build.
Mike McQuaid lua: remove unused fails_with :llvm.
Viktor Szakats lua: use secure patch url
Dominyk Tiller lua: audit nits
Dominyk Tiller lua: point LMOD/CMOD to HOMEBREW_PREFIX
Maxim Belkin lua: move sigaction patch to patches repository (#1367)
Viktor Szakats lua: use secure urls
Mike McQuaid lua: use new pour_bottle DSL.
Dominyk Tiller lua: revision for mkpath fix
Peter Aronoff lua: upgrade to luarocks 2.3.0
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