Media player based on MPlayer and mplayer2

Current versions:
0.22.0 HEAD



mpv requires the following formulae to be installed:

Formula history

Zhiming Wang mpv: revision for ffmpeg 3.2.1
Zhiming Wang mpv 0.22.0
Jakub Turski mpv: add rubberband and jack as optional deps (#6786)
Zhiming Wang mpv: revision for ffmpeg 3.2
Louis Opter mpv: add pulseaudio support
ilovezfs mpv: unvendor waf
ilovezfs mpv 0.21.0
David Logie mpv: Make python3 a build dependency.
Mike McQuaid Use hash rockets again. (#5177)
Mike McQuaid Use Ruby 1.9+ symbol hash keys in all formulae. (#4942)
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