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mysql@5.6 requires the following formulae to be installed:

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Alexander Hamannmysql@5.6: remove superfluous cmake argument
ilovezfsmysql@5.6: revision to fix bottle
Nate Pinchotmysql + derivatives: bind to localhost in config.
Alexander Hamannmysql@5.6 5.6.36
Tomasz Pajormysql@5.6 5.6.35
Tomasz Pajormysql@5.6: remove universal
Tomasz Pajormysql@5.6: audit fix keg_only :versioned_formula
Tomasz Pajormysql@5.6: don't retain huge test folder, replace existing test
Mike McQuaidmysql@5.6: fix manual plist_options.
Mike McQuaidmysql@5.6: remove ENV.minimal_optimization no-op.
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