Platform built on the V8 JavaScript runtime to build network applications

Current versions:
5.1.0 HEAD


Also known as: node.js, nodejs, npm


node requires the following formulae to be installed:

Reverse dependencies

The following formulae require node to be installed:

Formula history

Eric N. Vander Weele node: copy vanilla package.json for npm install
Dominyk Tiller node: add npm tracking notes
Aayush Kapoor node 5.1.0
Dominyk Tiller node: add icu caveat
Dominyk Tiller node: block more compilers
Christian Moritz node 5.0.0
Dominyk Tiller node: no longer supports gcc-4.2
Christian Moritz node 4.2.1
Christian Moritz node 4.2.0
Dominyk Tiller node: update to npm 2.14.6
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