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Current versions:
0.10.31 HEAD


Also known as: node.js, nodejs, npm
This formula is keg-only.

Reverse dependencies

The following formulae require node to be installed:

Formula history

Mike McQuaid node: test npm local install, not global.
BrewTestBot node: update 0.10.31 bottle.
Mike McQuaid node: don't use user npmrc.
Dominyk Tiller node: npm bump, devel killed, npm update change.
BrewTestBot node: update 0.10.31 bottle.
Dominyk Tiller node 0.10.31
Mike McQuaid Revert "node: add optional icu4c dependency."
Steven R. Loomis node: add optional icu4c dependency.
BrewTestBot node: update 0.10.30 bottle.
Mike McQuaid node: downgrade to npm 1.4.9.
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