Synchronizes emails between two repositories

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offlineimap requires the following formulae to be installed:
asciidoc 8.6.9_1 Formatter/translator for text files to numerous formats. Includes a2x.
docbook-xsl 1.79.1 XML vocabulary to create presentation-neutral documents
sphinx-doc 1.6.3_1 Tool to create intelligent and beautiful documentation

Formula history

Olivier Mehani offlineimap: only do quick sync in launchd service (#17431)
ilovezfs offlineimap: install man pages
ilovezfs offlineimap 7.1.2
Olivier Mehani offlineimap: Use Basic UI in LaunchAgent
ilovezfs offlineimap 7.1.1
ilovezfs offlineimap 7.1.0
Alexander Hamann offlineimap 7.0.14
Alexander Hamann offlineimap 7.0.13
Alexander Hamann offlineimap 7.0.12
Alexander Hamann offlineimap 7.0.11
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