3D graphics toolkit

Current versions:
3.5.5 HEAD


Also known as: openscenegraph


open-scene-graph requires the following formulae to be installed:

Formula history

ilovezfs open-scene-graph: revision to update receipt
Alex Wang open-scene-graph 3.5.5
Mike McQuaid open-scene-graph: remove Qt4 support.
Martin Afanasjew open-scene-graph: work around an SDK 10.11 issue
Zhiming Wang open-scene-graph: revision for ffmpeg update
Andrew Janke open-scene-graph: add note explaining max OS requirement
Andrew Janke open-scene-graph: max OS = 10.9
Fabian Wiesel open-scene-graph 3.4.0
Mike McQuaid Remove GTK bottles temporarily.
Tom Schoonjans patch information added where necessary
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