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opencv3 requires the following formulae to be installed:
cmake 3.9.4_1 Cross-platform make
pkg-config 0.29.2 Manage compile and link flags for libraries
eigen 3.3.4 C++ template library for linear algebra
ffmpeg 3.4 Play, record, convert, and stream audio and video
gphoto2 2.5.15 Command-line interface to libgphoto2
gstreamer 1.12.3 Development framework for multimedia applications
jasper 2.0.14 Library for manipulating JPEG-2000 images
jpeg 9b Image manipulation library
jpeg-turbo 1.5.2 JPEG image codec that aids compression and decompression
libdc1394 2.2.2_1 Provides API for IEEE 1394 cameras
libpng 1.6.34 Library for manipulating PNG images
libtiff 4.0.8_4 TIFF library and utilities
openexr 2.2.0 High dynamic-range image file format
openni2 2.2.0-debian Open source natural interaction library, version 2
qt 5.9.2 Cross-platform application and UI framework
tbb 2018_U1 Rich and complete approach to parallelism in C++
numpy 1.13.3 Package for scientific computing with Python

Formula history

FX Coudert opencv, opencv3: migrate to homebrew/core (#6126)
JCount opencv3: update 3.3.0_1 bottle for Linuxbrew.
JCount Revert "opencv3: update 3.3.0 bottle for Linuxbrew."
Simon Wells opencv3 3.3.0
FX Coudert opencv3: revision for jpeg
Michka Popoff opencv3: disable --with-quicktime for newer development tools
Daniel Berjón Díez opencv3: fix CUDA code generation
Jan Rüegg opencv3: enable building of image libs and fix audit errors
Carter Charbonneau opencv3: set PYTHON3_EXECUTABLE
Michka Popoff opencv3: do not allow to build both Python 2 and 3 versions
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