Library and executable for using citeproc with pandoc

Current versions:
0.10.1 HEAD



pandoc-citeproc requires the following formulae to be installed:

Formula history

ilovezfs pandoc-citeproc: improve the test
Andrew Dunning pandoc-citeproc 0.10.1
ilovezfs pandoc-citeproc 0.10
ilovezfs pandoc-citeproc: GHC 8 compatibility
Quim Llimona pandoc-citeproc
Mikko Korpela pandoc-citeproc: fix Lion build
John Muccigrosso pandoc-citeproc 0.90
Miëtek Bak pandoc-citeproc: simplify formula
Miëtek Bak pandoc-citeproc
Andrew Dunning pandoc-citeproc
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