Perl compatible regular expressions library
https://www.pcre.org/ Also known as: pcre1

Current versions

Reverse dependencies

The following formulae require pcre to be installed:
i3 4.13 Tiling window manager
hardlink 0.3.0 Replace file copies using hardlinks
rdup 1.1.15 Utility to create a file list suitable for making backups
ccze 0.2.1_1 Robust and modular log colorizer
ettercap 0.8.2_1 Multipurpose sniffer/interceptor/logger for switched LAN
crush-tools 20150716 Command-line tools for processing delimited text data
ftimes 3.11.0_1 System baselining and evidence collection tool
omega 1.4.3 Packaged search engine for websites, built on top of Xapian
aide 0.16 File and directory integrity checker
grep 3.1 GNU grep, egrep and fgrep
leafnode 1.11.11 NNTP server for small sites
nu 2.2.2 Object-oriented, Lisp-like programming language
pcre++ 0.9.5 C++ wrapper for the Perl Compatible Regular Expressions
skipfish 2.10b_1 Web application security scanner
swig 3.0.12 Generate scripting interfaces to C/C++ code
swig@3.04 3.0.4 Generate scripting interfaces to C/C++ code
lighttpd 1.4.48 Small memory footprint, flexible web-server
varnish@4 4.1.9 High-performance HTTP accelerator
pike 8.0.498 Dynamic programming language
nginx-full 1.12.2 HTTP(S) server, reverse proxy, IMAP/POP3 proxy server
ohcount 3.1.0 Source code line counter
cfengine 3.11.0 Help manage and understand IT infrastructure
cppcms 1.2.0 Free High Performance Web Development Framework
wget 1.19.4_1 Internet file retriever
logstalgia 1.1.1 Web server access log visualizer with retro style
sslh 1.19c Forward connections based on first data packet sent by client
cgrep 6.6.24 Context-aware grep for source code
s-lang 2.3.1a Library for creating multi-platform software
crystal-lang 0.24.2_1 Fast and statically typed, compiled language with Ruby-like syntax
varnish 6.0.0 High-performance HTTP accelerator
i3 4.15_1 Tiling window manager
pdfgrep 2.0.1_3 Search PDFs for strings matching a regular expression
httpd 2.4.33 Apache HTTP server
lnav 0.8.3 Curses-based tool for viewing and analyzing log files
haxe 3.4.7 Multi-platform programming language
monetdb 11.29.3 Column-store database
postgis 2.4.4 Adds support for geographic objects to PostgreSQL
uwsgi 2.0.17 Full stack for building hosting services
watchman 4.9.0 Watch files and take action when they change
zabbix 3.4.8 Availability and monitoring solution
remctl 3.14 Client/server application for remote execution of tasks
clamav 0.100.0_1 Anti-virus software
php@7.1 7.1.16_1 General-purpose scripting language
haproxy 1.8.8 Reliable, high performance TCP/HTTP load balancer
nginx 1.13.12 HTTP(S) server and reverse proxy, and IMAP/POP3 proxy server
php 7.2.5 General-purpose scripting language
php@7.0 7.0.30 General-purpose scripting language

Recent formula history

ilovezfs pcre 8.42
Viktor Szakats pcre: secure url(s)
ilovezfs pcre 8.41
ilovezfs pcre: new mirror (#11775)
Denis Gladkikh pcre 8.40

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