Drop-in MySQL replacement

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 Also known as:percona-server@5.7


percona-server requires the following formulae to be installed:

Formula history

Tomasz Pajorpercona-server 5.7.18-16
ilovezfspercona-server 5.7.18-15
Jaehoon Youpercona-server: avoid overwrite socket files when running test
Jaehoon Youpercona-server: wait 3 seconds to mysql is up
Jaehoon Youpercona-server: use mysqladmin to shutdown properly
Jaehoon Youpercona-server: fix inreplace code that fails on audit
Jaehoon Youpercona-server: add test
Jaehoon Youpercona-server 5.7.18-14
Nate Pinchotmysql + derivatives: bind to localhost in config.
Tomasz Pajorpercona-server 5.7.17-13
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