Provides geospatial routing for PostGIS/PostgreSQL database

Current versions

pgrouting requires the following formulae to be installed:
cmake 3.9.6 Cross-platform make
boost 1.65.1 Collection of portable C++ source libraries
cgal 4.11 Computational Geometry Algorithm Library
gmp 6.1.2_1 GNU multiple precision arithmetic library
postgis 2.4.0_1 Adds support for geographic objects to PostgreSQL
postgresql 10.1 Object-relational database system

Formula history

ilovezfs pgrouting 2.5.2
ilovezfs pgrouting 2.5.1
Felix Bünemann pgrouting: revision for postgresql
dersvenhesse pgrouting 2.5.0
ilovezfs pgrouting: revision for cgal
dersvenhesse pgrouting 2.5.0-rc (devel)
dersvenhesse pgrouting 2.5.0-alpha (devel) (#17222)
dersvenhesse pgrouting 2.4.2
Sven Hesse pgrouting 2.4.1
Alexander Hamann pgrouting: revision for postgresql
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