PHP Version 7.2

Current versions

Revision: 9

php72 requires the following formulae to be installed:
enchant 1.6.0 Spellchecker wrapping library
freetype 2.8.1 Software library to render fonts
gettext GNU internationalization (i18n) and localization (l10n) library
gmp 6.1.2_1 GNU multiple precision arithmetic library
icu4c 59.1_1 C/C++ and Java libraries for Unicode and globalization
jpeg 9b Image manipulation library
webp 0.6.0_2 Image format providing lossless and lossy compression for web images
libpng 1.6.34 Library for manipulating PNG images
libxml2 2.9.7 GNOME XML library
unixodbc 2.3.4 ODBC 3 connectivity for UNIX
readline 7.0.3_1 Library for command-line editing
openssl 1.0.2m SSL/TLS cryptography library
libsodium 1.0.15 NaCl networking and cryptography library
httpd 2.4.29 Apache HTTP server

Reverse dependencies

The following formulae require php72 to be installed:
php72-uopz 5.0.2 Exposes Zend Engine functionality.
php72-v8js 1.4.1 PHP extension for Google's V8 Javascript engine
php72-http 3.1.0 HTTP extension that provides a convenient set of functionality
php72-molten 0.1.1 PHP extension for Molten
php72-mosquitto 0.4.0 A wrapper for the Mosquitto MQTT client library for PHP.
php72-redis 3.1.3_1 PHP extension for Redis
php72-mustache 0.7.2 Mustache PHP Extension
php72-trader 0.4.0 Technical Analysis for traders
php72-ast 0.1.5_1 Exposing PHP 7 abstract syntax tree
php72-rdkafka 3.0.4 PHP extension for Apache Kafka (php-rdkafka)
php72-intl 7.2.0RC6_6 Wrapper for the ICU library
php72-pcntl 7.2.0RC6_8 Process Control support
php72-pdo-dblib 7.2.0RC6_8 Unified Sybase-DB style driver for PDO
php72-pdo-pgsql 7.2.0RC6_8 Unified PostgreSQL driver for PDO
php72-meminfo 1.0.0 PHP extension to get insight about memory usage

Formula history

Andreas Braun php72 7.2.0-RC6
Andreas Braun php72 7.2.0RC5
Sean Molenaar php72 RC4
Andreas Braun php72 7.2.0RC3
Andreas Braun php72 7.2.0beta3
Andreas Braun php72: bump revision
Andreas Braun php72 7.2.0beta2
Andreas Braun php72 7.2.0beta1
Andreas Braun php72 7.2.0alpha2
Romain Neutron Add PHP 7.2.0-alpha.1 core formula (php72)
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