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The following formulae require pkg-config to be installed:
globus-toolkit 6.0.1477634051 Toolkit used for building grids
adplug 2.2.1 Free, hardware independent AdLib sound player library
engine_pkcs11 0.1.8 Implementation of OpenSSL engine interface
nfcutils 0.3.2 Near Field Communication (NFC) tools under POSIX systems
cpansearch 0.2 CPAN module search written in C
opensaml 2.6.0 Library for Security Assertion Markup Language
midgard2 12.09_1 Generic content repository for web and desktop applications
peg-markdown 0.4.14 Markdown implementation based on a PEG grammar
swfmill 0.3.3_1 xml2swf and swf2xml processor
vstr 1.0.15 C string library
vte 0.28.2 Terminal emulator widget used by GNOME terminal
gstreamermm 1.8.0 GStreamer C++ bindings
center-im 4.22.10_1 Text-mode multi-protocol instant messaging client
nanomsgxx 0.2 Nanomsg binding for C++11
kyua 0.13 Testing framework for infrastructure software
libgda 5.2.4_2 Provides unified data access to the GNOME project
sile 0.9.4_2 Modern typesetting system inspired by TeX
darkice 1.3_1 Live audio streamer
nordugrid-arc 5.0.2 Grid computing middleware
archivemount 0.8.3 File system for accessing archives using libarchive
avfs 1.0.2 Virtual file system that facilitates looking inside archives
djmount 0.71 File system client for mounting network media servers
encfs 1.9.1 Encrypted pass-through FUSE file system
fuse-zip 0.4.0_1 FUSE file system to create & manipulate ZIP archives
ifuse 1.1.3 FUSE module for iPhone and iPod Touch devices
mp3fs 0.91 Read-only FUSE file system: transcodes audio formats to MP3
ntfs-3g 2016.2.22 Read-write NTFS driver for FUSE
ori 0.8.1_1 Secure distributed file system
s3-backer 1.4.3 FUSE-based single file backing store via Amazon S3
s3fs 1.80 FUSE-based file system backed by Amazon S3
simple-mtpfs 0.3.0 Simple MTP fuse filesystem driver
sshfs 2.8 File system client based on SSH File Transfer Protocol
wdfs 1.4.2 Webdav file system
latexila 3.22.1 LaTeX editor for the GNOME desktop
lilypond 2.18.2 Sheet music engraver
curlftpfs 0.9.2
freerdp 1.0.2 X11 implementation of the Remote Desktop Protocol (RDP)
gv 3.7.4
i3 4.13 Tiling window manager
imake 1.0.7
mscgen 0.20
wmctrl 1.07 UNIX/Linux command-line tool to interact with an EWMH/NetWM
xdotool 3.20160805.1 Fake keyboard/mouse input and window management for X
php53-libvirt 0.4.8 PHP bindings for libvirt virtualization toolkit
php53-zmq 1.1.2 ZeroMQ for PHP
php54-libvirt 0.4.8 PHP bindings for libvirt virtualization toolkit
php54-zmq 1.1.2 ZeroMQ for PHP
php55-libvirt 0.4.8 PHP bindings for libvirt virtualization toolkit
php55-zmq 1.1.2 ZeroMQ for PHP
php56-zmq 1.1.2 ZeroMQ for PHP
apt-dater 0.9.0 Manage package updates on remote hosts using SSH
profanity 0.5.1 Console based XMPP client
bindfs 1.13.6 FUSE file system for mounting to another location
curlftpfs 0.9.2
astrometry-net 0.70 Automatic identification of astronomical images
fceux 2.2.3 The all in one NES/Famicom Emulator
openjazz 160214 Open source Jazz Jackrabit engine
lighttpd 1.4.45_1 Small memory footprint, flexible web-server
ltc-tools 0.6.4_1 Tools to deal with linear-timecode (LTC)
wslay 1.0.0 C websocket library
healpix 3.31 Hierarchical Equal Area isoLatitude Pixelization of a sphere
exif 0.6.21 Read, write, modify, and display EXIF data on the command-line
mpop 1.2.6 POP3 client
omniorb 4.2.1-2 IOR and naming service utilities for omniORB
pngnq 1.1_1 Tool for optimizing PNG images
pms 0.42 Practical Music Search, an ncurses-based MPD client
opencv Open source computer vision library
libbladerf 2016.06 bladeRF USB 3.0 Superspeed Software Defined Radio Source
ykclient 2.15 Library to validate YubiKey OTPs against YubiCloud
einspline 0.9.2 C library for cubic B-splines in 1, 2 and 3D
emboss 6.6.0
exonerate 2.2.0 Pairwise sequence alignment of DNA and proteins
lensfun 0.3.2_1 Remove defects from digital images
osslsigncode 1.7.1 Authenticode signing of PE(EXE/SYS/DLL/etc), CAB and MSI files
xmp 4.1.0 Command-line player for module music formats (MOD, S3M, IT, etc)
synfig 1.0.2_2 Command-line renderer
exult 1.4.9rc1+r7520 Recreation of Ultima 7
lasi 1.1.2 C++ stream output interface for creating Postscript documents
ffmpeg@2.8 2.8.11 Play, record, convert, and stream audio and video
wv 1.2.9 Programs for accessing Microsoft Word documents
fastx_toolkit 0.0.14_1 Process short-read FASTA/FASTQ sequencing files
pandaseq 2.11 PAired-eND Assembler for DNA sequences
hdf4 4.2.11_2 HDF version 4
pianod 175 Pandora client with multiple control interfaces
pgroonga 1.1.9_1 PostgreSQL plugin to use Groonga as index
ubertooth 2017-03-R2 Host tools for Project Ubertooth
thrift@0.90 0.9.0 Framework for scalable cross-language services development
zeromq@4.0 4.0.8 High-performance, asynchronous messaging library
vcftools 0.1.14_1 Tools for working with VCF files
genometools 1.5.9 GenomeTools: The versatile open source genome analysis software
djview4 4.10.6_1 Viewer for the DjVu image format
gubbins 2.2.0_1 Detect recombinations in Bacteria
archivemount 0.8.3 File system for accessing archives using libarchive
djmount 0.71 File system client for mounting network media servers
s3-backer 1.4.3 FUSE-based single file backing store via Amazon S3
simple-mtpfs 0.3.0 Simple MTP fuse filesystem driver
bindfs 1.13.7 FUSE file system for mounting to another location
openimageio 1.7.13 Library for reading, processing and writing images
quaff 0.1.1_1 Pair HMM for aligning FASTQ to FASTA reference
plr PL/R - R Procedural Language for PostgreSQL
ucommon 6.2.2_1 GNU C++ runtime library for threads, sockets, and parsing
xboard 4.9.1_1 Graphical user interface for chess
zile 2.4.13 Text editor development kit
opencv3 3.2.0 Open source computer vision library, version 3
geda-gaf 1.8.2_2 Toolkit of electronic design automation tools
libsigrokdecode 0.4.1 Library for (streaming) protocol decoding
shogun 6.0.0 Large scale machine learning toolbox
zyre 2.0.0 Local Area Clustering for Peer-to-Peer Applications
php53-memcached 2.2.0_3 Memcached via libmemcached library
php54-memcached 2.2.0_3 Memcached via libmemcached library
php55-memcached 2.2.0_3 Memcached via libmemcached library
php56-memcached 2.2.0_3 Memcached via libmemcached library
php70-memcached 3.0.3_2 Memcached via libmemcached library
ipopt 3.12.5_2 Large-scale nonlinear optimization package
fgsl 1.2.0_1 Fortran bindings for the GNU Scientific Library
omcompiler 1.9.6_1 Modelica compiler translating Modelica to C code
calculix-ccx 2.11_3 Three-Dimensional Finite Element Solver
nvc 1.2.1 VHDL compiler and simulator
glade 3.20.0_1 RAD tool for the GTK+ and GNOME environment
dnscrypt-proxy 1.9.5 Secure communications between a client and a DNS resolver
xrmc 6.6.0 Monte Carlo simulation of X-ray imaging and spectroscopy experiments
pygtkglext 1.1.0_2 Python bindings to OpenGL GTK+ extension
terminator 0.98 Multiple terminals in one window
traildb 0.6 Blazingly-fast database for log-structured data
inspircd 2.0.24 Modular C++ Internet Relay Chat daemon
zeromq@4.1 4.1.6 High-performance, asynchronous messaging library
awf 1.4.0 'A Widget Factory' is a theme preview application for gtk2 and gtk3
mydumper 0.9.1 How MySQL DBA & support engineer would imagine 'mysqldump' ;-)
tenyr 0.9.4 32-bit computing environment (including simulated CPU)
uwsgi 2.0.15 Full stack for building hosting services
imake 1.0.7_3 Build automation system written for X11
ntopng 3.0 Next generation version of the original ntop
aubio 0.4.5 Extract annotations from audio signals
mvtools 19 Filters for motion estimation and compensation
qjackctl 0.4.5 Simple Qt application to control the JACK sound server daemon
ttyd 1.3.3 Command-line tool for sharing terminal over the web
oscats 0.6_2 Computerized adaptive testing system
lsdvd 0.17 Read the content info of a DVD
zurl 1.8.0 HTTP and WebSocket client worker with ZeroMQ interface
telegram-cli 1.3.1 Command-line interface for Telegram.
loudmouth 1.5.3 Lightweight C library for the Jabber protocol
pdnsrec 4.0.6 Non-authoritative/recursing DNS server
ezstream 0.6.0 Client for Icecast streaming servers
icecast 2.4.3 Streaming MP3 audio server
pushpin 1.16.0 Reverse proxy for realtime web services
collectd 5.7.2 Statistics collection and monitoring daemon
ola 0.10.5 Open Lighting Architecture for lighting control information
vimpc 0.09.1_1 Ncurses based mpd client with vi like key bindings
lincity-ng 2.0_2 City simulation game
hyperscan 4.5.2 High-performance regular expression matching library
gearman 1.1.17 Application framework to farm out work to other machines or processes
hopenpgp-tools 0.19.4 Command-line tools for OpenPGP-related operations
xmount 0.7.5 Convert between multiple input & output disk image types
ppsspp 1.4.2_4 PlayStation Portable emulator
supertux 0.5.1_3 Classic 2D jump'n run sidescroller game
nzbget 19.1 Binary newsgrabber for nzb files
varnish@4 4.1.8 High-performance HTTP accelerator
raine 0.64.13 680x0 arcade emulator
idris 1.1.1 Pure functional programming language with dependent types
mal4s 1.2.8_6 Malicious host finder based on gource
mscgen 0.20_2 Parses Message Sequence Chart descriptions and produces images
openslide 3.4.1_3 C library to read whole-slide images (a.k.a. virtual slides)
ufoai 2.5.0+20150216_2 UFO: Alien Invasion
xplanet 1.3.1_2 Create HQ wallpapers of planet Earth
xsane 0.999_2 Graphical scanning frontend
clutter-gtk 1.8.4 GTK+ integration library for Clutter
openrct2 0.1.1 Open source re-implementation of RollerCoaster Tycoon 2
mpdscribble 0.22_1 reporting client for mpd
mapnik 3.0.13_2 Toolkit for developing mapping applications
php54-imagick 3.4.3_4 Provides a wrapper to the ImageMagick library.
php55-imagick 3.4.3_4 Provides a wrapper to the ImageMagick library.
php56-imagick 3.4.3_4 Provides a wrapper to the ImageMagick library.
php70-imagick 3.4.3_4 Provides a wrapper to the ImageMagick library.
php71-imagick 3.4.3_4 Provides a wrapper to the ImageMagick library.
kitchen-sync 0.60 Fast efficiently sync database without dumping & reloading
newsbeuter 2.9_2 RSS/Atom feed reader for text terminals
ansible@2.0 Automate deployment, configuration, and upgrading
pla 1.2 Tool for building Gantt charts in PNG, EPS, PDF or SVG format
alure 1.2 Manage common tasks with OpenAL applications
php71-zmq 1.1.3 ZeroMQ for PHP
mpdas 0.4.4 C++ client to submit tracks to audioscrobbler
openfortivpn 1.5.0 Open Fortinet client for PPP+SSL VPN tunnel services
knot 2.5.4 High-performance authoritative-only DNS server
freeswitch 1.6.19 Telephony platform to route various communication protocols
nestopia-ue 1.48 Nestopia UE (Undead Edition): NES emulator
dmtx-utils 0.7.5_2 Read and write data matrix barcodes
pqiv 2.9_2 Powerful image viewer with minimal UI
avro-cpp 1.8.2 Data serialization system
fuse-zip 0.4.2 FUSE file system to create & manipulate ZIP archives
i3 4.14 Tiling window manager
klavaro 3.03 Free touch typing tutor program
tepl 3.0.0 GNOME Text Editor Product Line
btfs 2.17 BitTorrent filesystem based on FUSE
exiftran 2.14 Transform digital camera jpegs and their EXIF data
at-spi2-atk 2.26.0 Accessibility Toolkit GTK+ module
io 2017.09.06 Small prototype-based programming language
pdf-tools 0.80 Emacs support library for PDF files
ruby-build 20170914 Install various Ruby versions and implementations
node 8.5.0 Platform built on V8 to build network applications
glib 2.54.0 Core application library for C
qt 5.9.1 Cross-platform application and UI framework
libevent 2.1.8 Asynchronous event library
python3 3.6.2 Interpreted, interactive, object-oriented programming language
fontconfig 2.12.5 XML-based font configuration API for X Windows
gdk-pixbuf 2.36.10 Toolkit for image loading and pixel buffer manipulation
ghostscript 9.21_4 Interpreter for PostScript and PDF
gnutls 3.5.15 GNU Transport Layer Security (TLS) Library
libidn 1.33 International domain name library
makedepend 1.0.5 Creates dependencies in makefiles
p11-kit 0.23.8 Library to load and enumerate PKCS#11 modules
ffmpeg 3.3.4 Play, record, convert, and stream audio and video
libepoxy 1.4.3 Library for handling OpenGL function pointer management
libsndfile 1.0.28 C library for files containing sampled sound
sdl2_image 2.0.1_3 Library for loading images as SDL surfaces and textures
sdl2_mixer 2.0.1_1 Sample multi-channel audio mixer library
sdl_image 1.2.12_7 Image file loading library
sdl_net 1.2.8 Sample cross-platform networking library
sdl_sound 1.0.3_1 Library to decode several popular sound file formats
sdl_ttf 2.0.11_1 Library for using TrueType fonts in SDL applications
libsamplerate 0.1.9 Library for sample rate conversion of audio data
snappy 1.1.7 Compression/decompression library aiming for high speed
portaudio 19.6.0 Cross-platform library for audio I/O
pygobject 2.28.6_2 GLib/GObject/GIO Python bindings for Python 2
pygtk 2.24.0_1 GTK+ bindings for Python
rust 1.20.0 Safe, concurrent, practical language
librsvg 2.40.18 Library to render SVG files using Cairo
json-glib 1.2.8 Library for JSON, based on GLib
zeromq 4.2.2 High-performance, asynchronous messaging library
gnome-icon-theme 3.26.0 Icons for the GNOME project
gstreamer 1.12.2 Development framework for multimedia applications
libtermkey 0.20 Library for processing keyboard entry from the terminal
libuv 1.14.1 Multi-platform support library with a focus on asynchronous I/O
angolmois 2.0.0alpha2 BM98-like rhythm game
libspatialite 4.3.0a_3 Adds spatial SQL capabilities to SQLite
openexr 2.2.0 High dynamic-range image file format
gst-plugins-base 1.12.2 GStreamer plugins (well-supported, basic set)
homebank 5.1.6 Manage your personal accounts at home
neon 0.30.2 HTTP and WebDAV client library with a C interface
tmux 2.5 Terminal multiplexer
cloog 0.18.4_1 Generate code for scanning Z-polyhedra
gtkglext 1.2.0_2 OpenGL extension to GTK+
libewf 20140608_1 Library for support of the Expert Witness Compression Format
libgee 0.20.0 Collection library providing GObject-based interfaces
libgit2 0.26.0 C library of Git core methods that is re-entrant and linkable
libnfc 1.7.1 Low level NFC SDK and Programmers API
libshout 2.3.1 Data and connectivity library for the icecast server
libwpd 0.10.1 General purpose library for reading WordPerfect files
gtk-mac-integration 2.0.8_1 Integrates GTK macOS applications with the Mac desktop
guile 2.2.2 GNU Ubiquitous Intelligent Language for Extensions
libwmf Library for converting WMF (Window Metafile Format) files
openmotif 2.3.7 LGPL release of the Motif toolkit
rrdtool 1.7.0 Round Robin Database
smpeg 0.4.5 SDL MPEG Player Library
cairomm 1.12.2 Vector graphics library with cross-device output support
gtkmm 2.24.5 C++ interfaces for GTK+ and GNOME
neovim 0.2.0_1 Ambitious Vim-fork focused on extensibility and agility
pangomm 2.40.1 C++ interface to Pango
imlib2 1.4.10_1 Image loading and rendering library
libass 0.13.7 Subtitle renderer for the ASS/SSA subtitle format
libbluray 1.0.1 Blu-Ray disc playback library for media players like VLC
libbs2b 3.1.0 Bauer stereophonic-to-binaural DSP
libpeas 1.22.0 GObject plugin library
libxmlsec1 1.2.20_1 XML security library
pinentry 1.0.0 Passphrase entry dialog utilizing the Assuan protocol
saldl 37 CLI downloader optimized for speed and early preview.
gdb 8.0.1 GNU debugger
graphicsmagick 1.3.26_1 Image processing tools collection
gspell 1.6.0 Flexible API to implement spellchecking in GTK+ applications
r 3.4.1_2 Software environment for statistical computing
watchman 4.9.0 Watch files and take action when they change
clutter 1.26.2 Generic high-level canvas library
cogl 1.22.2 Low level OpenGL abstraction library developed for Clutter
emacs 25.3 GNU Emacs text editor
node@6 6.11.3 Platform built on V8 to build network applications
pstoedit 3.70_2 Convert PostScript and PDF files to editable vector graphics
augeas 1.8.1 Configuration editing tool and API
bochs 2.6.9_1 Open source IA-32 (x86) PC emulator written in C++
encfs 1.9.2 Encrypted pass-through FUSE file system
leptonica 1.74.4_1 Image processing and image analysis library
mame 0.189 Multiple Arcade Machine Emulator
qemu 2.10.0 x86 and PowerPC Emulator
afflib 3.7.16 Advanced Forensic Format
yaz 5.23.1 Toolkit for Z39.50/SRW/SRU clients/servers
frei0r 1.6.1 Minimalistic plugin API for video effects
hidapi 0.8.0-rc1 Library for communicating with USB and Bluetooth HID devices
libcdio 0.94 Compact Disc Input and Control Library
rgbds 0.3.3 Rednex GameBoy Development System
xml-security-c 1.7.3 Implementation of primary security standards for XML
desktop-file-utils 0.23 Command-line utilities for working with desktop entries
libav 12.1 Audio and video processing tools
libetonyek 0.1.6_1 Interpret and import Apple Keynote presentations
libfixbuf 1.7.1 Implements the IPFIX Protocol as a C library
libimobiledevice 1.2.0_2 Library to communicate with iOS devices natively
libkate 0.4.1_1 Overlay codec for multiplexed audio/video in Ogg
libxml++ 2.40.1 C++ wrapper for libxml
openal-soft 1.18.1 Implementation of the OpenAL 3D audio API
smpeg2 2.0.0 SDL MPEG Player Library
tesseract 3.05.01 OCR (Optical Character Recognition) engine
libquvi 0.4.1_1 C library to parse flash media stream properties
libsecret 0.18.5_1 Library for storing/retrieving passwords and other secrets
libsvg 0.1.4_1 Library for SVG files
libxkbcommon 0.7.2 Keyboard handling library
midnight-commander 4.8.19 Terminal-based visual file manager
qt@5.7 5.7.1 Cross-platform application and UI framework
ufraw 0.22_2 Unidentified Flying RAW: RAW image processing utility
vapoursynth 38 Video processing framework with simplicity in mind
yubico-piv-tool 1.4.3 Command-line tool for the YubiKey NEO PIV applet
hwloc 1.11.8 Portable abstraction of the hierarchical topology of modern architectures
links 2.14 Lynx-like WWW browser that supports tables, menus, etc.
pcl 1.8.1 Library for 2D/3D image and point cloud processing
mongo-c-driver 1.8.0 C driver for MongoDB
mozjpeg 3.2 Improved JPEG encoder
ode 0.14_1 Library for simulating articulated rigid body dynamics
ruby@1.8 1.8.7-p374_2 Powerful, clean, object-oriented scripting language
ruby@1.9 1.9.3-p551_4 Powerful, clean, object-oriented scripting language
ruby@2.0 2.0.0-p648_1 Powerful, clean, object-oriented scripting language
ruby@2.1 2.1.10 Powerful, clean, object-oriented scripting language
ruby@2.2 2.2.8 Powerful, clean, object-oriented scripting language
irssi 1.0.4 Modular IRC client
uriparser 0.8.4 URI parsing library (strictly RFC 3986 compliant)
freetds@0.91 0.91.112 Libraries to talk to Microsoft SQL Server & Sybase
gupnp 1.0.2 Framework for creating UPnP devices and control points
node@4 4.8.4_1 Platform built on V8 to build network applications
pkcs11-helper 1.22 Library to simplify the interaction with PKCS#11
quvi 0.4.2 Parse video download URLs
rasqal 0.9.33 RDF query library
rubberband 1.8.1 Audio time stretcher tool and library
urh 1.8.7 Universal Radio Hacker
ideviceinstaller 1.1.0_3 Cross-platform library for communicating with iOS devices
media-info 0.7.99_1 Unified display of technical and tag data for audio/video
py2cairo 1.15.3 Python 2 bindings for the Cairo graphics library
aria2 1.32.0 Download with resuming and segmented downloading
ios-webkit-debug-proxy 1.8 DevTools proxy for iOS devices
imagemagick 7.0.7-3 Tools and libraries to manipulate images in many formats
imagemagick@6 6.9.9-14 Tools and libraries to manipulate images in many formats
qrencode 3.4.4 QR Code generation
gnuradio 3.7.11_1 SDK providing the signal processing runtime and processing blocks
hydra 8.6 Network logon cracker which supports many services
zbar 0.10_7 Suite of barcodes-reading tools
librdkafka 0.11.0 The Apache Kafka C/C++ library
crystal-lang 0.23.1_1 Fast and statically typed, compiled language with Ruby-like syntax
aircrack-ng 1.1_2 Next-generation aircrack with lots of new features
gnu-smalltalk 3.2.5_5 GNU Smalltalk interpreter and image
gnumeric 1.12.35 GNOME Spreadsheet Application
libosinfo 1.1.0 The Operating System information database
lldpd 0.9.8 Implementation of IEEE 802.1ab (LLDP)
megatools 1.9.98 Command-line client for
oath-toolkit 2.6.2 Tools for one-time password authentication systems
dpkg 1.18.24 Debian package management system
glibmm 2.54.1 C++ interface to glib
ncmpcpp 0.8_3 Ncurses-based client for the Music Player Daemon
pianobar 2017.08.30 Command-line player for
libagg 2.5 High fidelity 2D graphics library for C++
libbitcoin 3.3.0_3 Bitcoin Cross-Platform C++ Development Toolkit
libcapn 2.0.0 C library to send push notifications to Apple devices
libchamplain 0.12.16 ClutterActor for displaying maps
libdap 3.19.0_1 Framework for scientific data networking
libdivecomputer 0.5.0 Library for communication with various dive computers.
libdmtx 0.7.4 Data Matrix library
libebur128 1.2.2 Library implementing the EBU R128 loudness standard
libestr 0.1.10 C library for string handling (and a bit more)
libexosip 4.1.0_1 Toolkit for eXosip2
libextractor 1.4 Library to extract meta data from files
libfishsound 1.0.0 Decode and encode audio data using the codecs
libfreefare 0.4.0_1 API for MIFARE card manipulations
libfreehand 0.1.1_1 Interpret and import Aldus/Macromedia/Adobe FreeHand documents
bitcoin 0.14.2_2 Decentralized, peer to peer payment network
libgig 3.3.0 Library for Gigasampler and DLS (Downloadable Sounds) Level 1/2 files
libgxps 0.2.5_2 GObject based library for handling and rendering XPS documents
libidl 0.8.14 Library for creating CORBA IDL files
libinfinity 0.6.8 GObject-based C implementation of the Infinote protocol
liblastfm 1.0.9_2 Libraries for site services
liblcf 0.5.2_1 Library for RPG Maker 2000/2003 games data
libmp3splt 0.9.2 Utility library to split mp3, ogg, and FLAC files
libmrss 0.19.2 C library for RSS files or streams
libmtp 1.1.13 Implementation of Microsoft's Media Transfer Protocol (MTP)
libmwaw 0.3.12 Library for converting legacy Mac document formats
libnice 0.1.14 GLib ICE implementation
libnids 1.24 Implements E-component of network intrusion detection system
libnotify 0.7.7 Library that sends desktop notifications to a notification daemon
libodfgen 0.1.6 ODF export library for projects using librevenge
libopkele 2.0.4_1 C++ implementation of OpenID decentralized identity system
libpagemaker 0.0.3 Imports file format of Aldus/Adobe PageMaker documents
libpqxx 4.0.1_2 C++ connector for PostgreSQL
libpqxx@3 3.1.1 C++ connector for PostgreSQL
libpst 0.6.71 Utilities for the PST file format
libqalculate 2.0.0 Library for Qalculate! program
libquicktime 1.2.4_4 Library for reading and writing quicktime files
libraw 0.18.4 Library for reading RAW files from digital photo cameras
libstrophe 0.9.1 XMPP library for C
libxml++3 3.0.1 C++ wrapper for libxml
libxspf 1.2.0 C++ library for XSPF playlist reading and writing
blockhash 0.2.1_3 Perceptual image hash calculation tool
gabedit 2.5.0 GUI to computational chemistry packages like Gamess-US, Gaussian, etc.
ganglia 3.7.2_2 Scalable distributed monitoring system
gconf 3.2.6_1 System for storing user application preferences
gegl 0.3.20 Graph based image processing framework
geocode-glib 3.24.0 GNOME library for gecoding and reverse geocoding
gerbv 2.6.0_1 Gerber (RS-274X) viewer
ghex 3.18.3 GNOME hex editor
gitg 3.26.0 GNOME GUI client to view git repositories
gjs 1.50.0 JavaScript Bindings for GNOME
gkrellm 2.3.10 Extensible GTK system monitoring application
gloox 1.0.20 C++ Jabber/XMPP library that handles the low-level protocol
gnome-builder 3.24.2_3 IDE for GNOME
gnome-doc-utils 0.20.10 Documentation utilities for the GNOME project
gphoto2 2.5.14_1 Command-line interface to libgphoto2
gpsim 0.30.0 Simulator for Microchip's PIC microcontrollers
groonga 7.0.6 Fulltext search engine and column store
grsync 1.2.6 GUI for rsync
gst-plugins-ugly 1.12.2_1 Library for constructing graphs of media-handling components
gtksourceviewmm3 3.18.0 C++ bindings for gtksourceview3
gv 3.7.4 View and navigate through PostScript and PDF documents
gwyddion 2.49 Scanning Probe Microscopy visualization and analysis tool
pulseaudio 11.1 Sound system for POSIX OSes
activemq-cpp 3.9.4 C++ API for message brokers such as Apache ActiveMQ
mcabber 1.1.0 Console Jabber client
mdk 1.2.9_2 GNU MIX development kit
mediaconch 17.08 Conformance checker and technical metadata reporter
mednafen 0.9.48 Multi-system emulator
metaproxy 1.12.1_1 Z39.50 proxy and router utilizing Yaz toolkit
mfcuk 0.3.8 MiFare Classic Universal toolKit
mfoc 0.10.7 Implementation of 'offline nested' attack by Nethemba
mgba 0.5.2_4 Game Boy Advance emulator
minbif 1.0.5-20150505_1 IRC-to-other-IM-networks gateway using Pidgin library
minimodem 0.24 General-purpose software audio FSK modem
moc 2.5.2_1 Terminal-based music player
mono-libgdiplus 5.4_1 GDI+-compatible API on non-Windows operating systems
subversion 1.9.7 Version control system designed to be a better CVS
h2o 2.2.2 HTTP server with support for HTTP/1.x and HTTP/2
hamlib Ham radio control libraries
hardlink 0.3.0 Replace file copies using hardlinks
rdup 1.1.15 Utility to create a file list suitable for making backups
ntfs-3g 2017.3.23 Read-write NTFS driver for FUSE
r3 1.3.4 High-performance URL router library
rabbitmq-c 0.8.0 RabbitMQ C client
redstore 0.5.4 Lightweight RDF triplestore powered by Redland
fastd 18_2 Fast and Secure Tunnelling Daemon
fb-client 2.0.3 Shell-script client for
ffms2 2.23 Libav/ffmpeg based source library and Avisynth plugin
file-roller 3.26.0 GNOME archive manager
flashrom 0.9.9 Identify, read, write, verify, and erase flash chips
yaf 2.7.1 Yet another flowmeter: processes packet data from pcap(3)
yelp-tools 3.18.0 Tools that help create and edit Mallard or DocBook documentation.
ykneomgr 0.1.8_1 CLI and C library to interact with the CCID-part of the YubiKey NEO
ykpers 1.18.0 YubiKey personalization library and tool
sary 1.2.0 Suffix array library
scamper 20170822 Advanced traceroute and network measurement utility
sdb 0.12 Ondisk/memory hashtable based on CDB.
sdcv 0.5.2 StarDict Console Version
sdf 2.6.3 Syntax Definition Formalism: high-level description of grammars
sdlpop 1.17 Open-source port of Prince of Persia
shairport-sync 3.1.2 AirTunes emulator. Shairport Sync adds multi-room capability.
shairport 1.1.1 Airtunes emulator
silk 3.10.2 Collection of traffic analysis tools
simple-tiles 0.6.1 Image generation library for spatial data
srtp@1.6 1.6.0 Implementation of the Secure Real-time Transport Protocol (SRTP)
sslsplit 0.5.0_1 Man-in-the-middle attacks against SSL encrypted network connections
startup-notification 0.12 Reference implementation of startup notification protocol
stlink 1.4.0 STM32 discovery line Linux programmer
stoken 0.91 Tokencode generator compatible with RSA SecurID 128-bit (AES)
supersonic 0.9.4_6 C++ library providing a column oriented query engine
suricata 4.0.0 Network IDS, IPS, and security monitoring engine
svg2pdf 0.1.3_1 Renders SVG images to a PDF file (using Cairo)
svg2png 0.1.3_1 SVG to PNG converter
sylpheed 3.5.1 Simple, lightweight email-client
gtk-gnutella 1.1.12 Share files in a peer-to-peer (P2P) network
jigdo 0.7.3_4 Tool to distribute very large files over the internet
jnettop 0.13.0 View hosts/ports taking up the most network traffic
easyrpg-player 0.5.2 RPG Maker 2000/2003 games interpreter
eiffelstudio Development environment for the Eiffel language
ekg2 0.3.1_2 Multiplatform, multiprotocol, plugin-based instant messenger
pazpar2 1.12.12 Metasearching middleware webservice
pam_yubico 2.24 Yubico pluggable authentication module
pdf2svg 0.2.3_1 PDF converter to SVG
cadaver 0.23.3_2 Command-line client for DAV
cclive 0.7.16_2 Command-line video extraction utility
cdogs-sdl 0.6.2 Classic overhead run-and-gun game
cdrdao 1.2.3 Record CDs in Disk-At-Once mode

Formula history

Mike McQuaid pkg-config: add HTTP mirror.
ilovezfs pkg-config: fix test on 10.13 (#15278)
ilovezfs pkg-config: use bintray for mirror (#14512)
Tom Schoonjans pkg-config 0.29.2
Mike McQuaid pkg-config: default HOMEBREW_REPOSITORY changed.
Dominyk Tiller pkg-config: rebuild for vendored pkg-config change
Ľubomír Carik pkg-config 0.29.1
chris warth pkg-config: update homepage
Dominyk Tiller pkg-config: use secure url
Tom Schoonjans pkg-config 0.29
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