Cartographic Projections Library

Current versions

Revision: 1

Reverse dependencies

The following formulae require proj to be installed:
spatialite-gis 1.0.0c
libosmium 2.13.1 Fast and flexible C++ library for working with OpenStreetMap data
sumo 0.32.0 Simulation of Urban Mobility
libgaiagraphics 0.5_4 Library supporting common-utility raster handling
liblwgeom 2.4.3_1 Allows SpatiaLite to support ST_MakeValid() like PostGIS
libspatialite 4.3.0a_6 Adds spatial SQL capabilities to SQLite
osm2pgsql 0.94.0_3 OpenStreetMap data to PostgreSQL converter
spatialite-gui 1.7.1_4 GUI tool supporting SpatiaLite
mapserver 7.0.7_1 Publish spatial data and interactive mapping apps to the web

Recent formula history

Kristian Evers proj: update proj-datumgrids
ilovezfs proj 5.0.0
Viktor Szakats proj: secure url(s)
ilovezfs Use “squiggly” heredocs.
Ben Elsen proj: fix urls for homepage and head (#12402)

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