Rapid annotation of prokaryotic genomes

Current versions

prokka requires the following formulae to be installed:
blast 2.6.0_1 Basic Local Alignment Search Tool
infernal 1.1.2 Search DNA databases for RNA structure and sequence similarities
hmmer 3.1b2_1 Build profile HMMs and scan against sequence databases
aragorn 1.2.36 tRNA and tmRNA detection
prodigal 2.6.2
tbl2asn 25.3 Automates the submission of sequence records to GenBank
parallel 20170822 Shell command parallelization utility
minced 0.2.0 Mining CRISPRs in Environmental Datasets
barrnap 0.8 BAsic Rapid Ribosomal RNA Predictor
rnammer 1.2 Predicts 5s/8s, 16s/18s, and 23s/28s ribosomal RNA in full genome sequences

Formula history

Torsten Seemann prokka 1.12 (update)
Torsten Seemann Prokka 1.11 (revision)
Shaun Jackman prokka: Add postinstall to run prokka --setupdb
Shaun Jackman prokka 1.11: Add optional dependency on rnammer
Shaun Jackman prokka: Add HEAD
Ian Lancaster prokka: tag, fix audit warnings
Saket Choudhary prokka 1.11
Shaun Jackman prokka 1.10: Depends on XML::Simple
Shaun Jackman prokka 1.10
Shaun Jackman prokka 1.9
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