Qt Widgets for Technical Applications

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qwt requires the following formula to be installed:

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The following formula requires qwt to be installed:

Formula history

Mike McQuaidqwt: rename qt5 to qt.
Miguel Araújoqwt: fix audit --warning
ilovezfsqwt: depend on qt5 instead of qt@5.7
ilovezfsqwt: depend on qt@5.7
Mike McQuaidqwt: use -std=c++11 in test.
Jose Luis Riveroqwt: port qwt to qt5
Alexander Ronald Altmanqwt: update sha256 for upstream repack
ilovezfsqwt 6.1.3
Martin Afanasjewqwt: make formula compatible with sandbox
Dominyk Tillerqwt: temporary plugin fix
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