Perl 6 compiler

Current version:

Homepage: http://rakudo.org/

Also known as: perl6


rakudo-star requires the following formulae to be installed:

Formula history

Mike McQuaid rakudo-star: use ENV.deparallelize.
Donald Hunter rakudo-star 2016.11
Donald Hunter rakudo-star 2016.10
Ilya Strukov rakudo-star 2016.07
matteocng rakudo-star 2016.04
Taras Iagniuk rakudo-star: symlink panda to bin
Taras Iagniuk rakudo-star 2016.01
Donald Hunter Revert "rakudo-star 2015.12"
Tomasz Pajor rakudo-star 2015.12
Donald Hunter rakudo-star 2015.11
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