Ruby version manager

Current versions

rbenv requires the following formula to be installed:
ruby-build 20170914 Install various Ruby versions and implementations

Formula history

Mislav Marohnić rbenv 1.1.1
Mike McQuaid rbenv: remove non-Homebrew-specific caveats.
Mislav Marohnić rbenv 1.1.0
Mike McQuaid rbenv: rubocop tweaks.
Mike McQuaid rbenv: bottle now needed again.
Mike McQuaid rbenv: make Homebrew house style tweaks.
Mislav Marohnić rbenv 1.0.0
Mislav Marohnić rbenv: prepend Homebrew prefix to RBENV_HOOK_PATH.
Mislav Marohnić rbenv: improve install anticipating new features.
Mislav Marohnić rbenv: improve in-formula documentation.
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