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reposurgeon requires the following formulae to be installed:
asciidoc 8.6.10_1 Formatter/translator for text files to numerous formats. Includes a2x
xmlto 0.0.28 Convert XML to another format (based on XSL or other tools)
cython 0.27.3 Compiler for writing C extensions for the Python language

Formula history

ilovezfs Use “squiggly” heredocs.
Dominyk Tiller reposurgeon: use new cython dependency
ilovezfs reposurgeon 3.42
ilovezfs reposurgeon 3.41
Mike McQuaid Use hash rockets again. (#5177)
ilovezfs reposurgeon 3.40
Mike McQuaid Use Ruby 1.9+ symbol hash keys in all formulae. (#4942)
ilovezfs reposurgeon 3.39
ilovezfs reposurgeon 3.38
ilovezfs reposurgeon 3.37
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