Install various Ruby versions and implementations

Current versions:
20161121 HEAD



ruby-build requires the following formulae to be installed:

Reverse dependencies

The following formula requires ruby-build to be installed:

Formula history

SHIBATA Hiroshi ruby-build 20161121
SHIBATA Hiroshi ruby-build 20161115
Zhiming Wang ruby-build: improve test (#4765)
SHIBATA Hiroshi ruby-build 20160913 (#4763)
Mislav Marohnić ruby-build 20160602 (#1672)
Erik Michaels-Ober ruby-build 20160426
Erik Michaels-Ober ruby-build 20160330
Mislav Marohnić ruby-build 20160228
Mislav Marohnić ruby-build 20160226
Erik Nilsen ruby-build: fix audit
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