Build tool for Scala projects Also known as: sbt@1

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The following formulae require sbt to be installed:
pillar 2.3.0 Manage migrations for Cassandra data stores
wartremover 2.1.1 Flexible Scala code linting tool

Formula history

ilovezfs sbt: require Java 8 specifically
Eugene Yokota sbt 1.0.3
ilovezfs Use “squiggly” heredocs.
Eugene Yokota sbt 1.0.2 (#18301)
Michael Stringer sbt 1.0.1 (#17701)
ilovezfs sbt: remove deprecated ENV.java_cache
Michael Stringer sbt: depend on java 1.8+ (#16674)
Eugene Yokota sbt 1.0.0
ilovezfs sbt: make Bintray mirror the primary url temporarily (#16472)
ilovezfs sbt: mirror to Bintray (#16471)
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