Substitute for classic 'make' tool with autoconf/automake functionality

Current version

Reverse dependencies

The following formulae require scons to be installed:
ori 0.8.1_1 Secure distributed file system
gmtl 0.6.1 Lightweight math library
ori 0.8.1_1 Secure distributed file system
fceux 2.2.3 The all in one NES/Famicom Emulator
mongodb@3.2 3.2.11 High-performance, schema-free, document-oriented database
rlvm 0.14_3 RealLive interpreter for VisualArts games
libswiften 3.0_2 C++ library for implementing XMPP applications
galsim 1.3.0_2 The modular galaxy image simulation toolkit
tmv-cpp 0.75 user-friendly C++ interface to BLAS and LAPACK
field3d 1.7.2_4 Library for storing voxel data on disk and in memory
subversion@1.8 1.8.16 Version control system
bsponmpi 0.3_2 Implements the BSPlib standard on top of MPI
mongodb 3.6.2 High-performance, schema-free, document-oriented database
openloops 1.3.1 Fully automated implementation of the Open Loops algorithm

Recent formula history

ilovezfs scons 3.0.1
ilovezfs Use “squiggly” heredocs.
ilovezfs scons: support python 2 print statements
ilovezfs scons 3.0.0
ilovezfs scons 2.5.1

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