Low-level access to audio, keyboard, mouse, joystick, and graphics

Current versions

Reverse dependencies

The following formulae require sdl2 to be installed:
supertux 0.5.1_3 Classic 2D jump'n run sidescroller game
pc6001vx 2.31.1 PC-6001 emulator
smpeg2 2.0.0 SDL MPEG Player Library
stella 5.0.2 Atari 2600 VCS emulator
cdogs-sdl 0.6.2 Classic overhead run-and-gun game
nestopia-ue 1.48 Nestopia UE (Undead Edition): NES emulator
fs-uae 2.8.3 Amiga emulator
zboy 0.60 GameBoy emulator
solarus 1.5.3 Action-RPG game engine
openrct2 0.1.1 Open source re-implementation of RollerCoaster Tycoon 2
vice 3.1_1 Versatile Commodore Emulator
bochs 2.6.9_1 Open source IA-32 (x86) PC emulator written in C++
pytouhou 634 Libre implementation of Touhou 6 engine
fifechan 0.1.4_1 C++ GUI library designed for games
np2 0.86 Neko Project 2: PC-9801 emulator
simutrans 120.1.3 Transport simulator
huexpress 3.0.4 PC Engine emulator
libtcod 1.6.4 API for roguelike developers
sdl2_mixer 2.0.2_3 Sample multi-channel audio mixer library
ppsspp 1.5.4 PlayStation Portable emulator
corsixth 0.60_2 Open source clone of Theme Hospital
pioneer 20171001_1 Game of lonely space adventure
mrboom 4.1 Eight player Bomberman clone
audacious 3.9 Free and advanced audio player based on GTK+

Recent formula history

ilovezfs sdl2 2.0.7
s172262 sdl2 2.0.6
FX Coudert sdl2: drop universal
Jessica Stokes sdl2: use pkgshare instead of share for tests
Jessica Stokes sdl2: fix tests' resource paths

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