Monte Carlo event generator

Current version

sherpa requires the following formulae to be installed:
hepmc 2.06.09 C++ event record for Monte Carlo generators
rivet 2.5.4 Monte Carlo analysis system
lhapdf 6.2.1 PDF interpolation and evaluation
fastjet 3.3.0 Package for jet finding in pp and ee collisions
openloops 1.3.1 Fully automated implementation of the Open Loops algorithm
root 6.12.06 Object oriented framework for large scale data analysis
gcc 7.3.0_1 GNU compiler collection

Recent formula history

David Hall Fix warnings due to latest Homebrew formula standards.
David Hall sherpa: add bottles lhapdf: fix bottle checksum [skip ci]
David Hall sherpa: fix audit
David Hall Travis-CI uses brew test-bot Copied .travis.yml from brew-tap-new script. This should make for quicker testing, because only the edited formula is tested. Also moved formulae to Formula folder.
ebothmann sherpa: 2.2.4 (#109)

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