ISO/Edinburgh-style Prolog interpreter

Current versions:
7.2.3 7.3.30 HEAD

Homepage: http://www.swi-prolog.org/


swi-prolog requires the following formulae to be installed:

Formula history

Honnix swi-prolog 7.3.30 (devel) (#6873)
Honnix swi-prolog 7.3.28 (devel) (#5547)
ilovezfs swi-prolog: revision for readline
ilovezfs swi-prolog 7.3.27 (devel) (#5278)
Honnix swi-prolog 7.3.26 (devel) (#4555)
ehonlia swi-prolog 7.3.24 (devel)
Martin Afanasjew swi-prolog: avoid misleading audit warning
Honnix swi-prolog 7.3.21 (devel) (#1396)
Stefano Pacifico swi-prolog: migrate from x11