Thin wrapper for Terraform e.g. for locking state.

Current versions:
0.8.1 HEAD

Homepage: https://github.com/gruntwork-io/terragrunt


terragrunt requires the following formulae to be installed:

Formula history

Anthony O'Brien terragrunt 0.8.1
Anthony O'Brien terragrunt 0.7.2
Anthony O'Brien terragrunt 0.7.1
Josh Padnick terragrunt 0.6.3
Josh Padnick terragrunt 0.6.2
Ashok Manji terragrunt 0.6.1
shaharmor terragrunt 0.5.1
ilovezfs terragrunt 0.3.0
ilovezfs terragrunt 0.1.3
Maximilian Bode terragrunt 0.1.1 (new formula)
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