OCR (Optical Character Recognition) engine

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Formula history

ilovezfstesseract 3.05.01
Atsuyoshi SUZUKItesseract: fix head build (#13616)
Bryce Glovertesseract: depend on libtiff, fix building `--with-opencl`
Atsuyoshi Suzukitesseract 3.05.00
Liquidsoultesseract: fix missing build dependency to autoconf-archive (#8984)
Mike McQuaidtesseract: remove unused fails_with :llvm.
ilovezfstesseract: fix HEAD build (#4769)
Paul Ramireztesseract: fix snum installation location (#2907)
Zarana Parekhtesseract: add serial-num-pack option.
Ed Porrastesseract: revision for leptonica
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