Tool which checks for the support of TLS/SSL ciphers and flaws

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Revision: 1

testssl requires the following formula to be installed:
openssl 1.0.2m SSL/TLS cryptography library

Formula history

ilovezfs testssl: install etc files and set correct path to openssl (#18662)
ilovezfs testssl 2.9.5-1 (#18364)
ilovezfs testssl 2.9.5 (#18321)
Leon Klingele testssl: upstream updated release (#13492)
Jasper Spaans testssl 2.8 (#12312)
ilovezfs testssl 2.8rc3
Mike McQuaid Use hash rockets again. (#5177)
Mike McQuaid Use Ruby 1.9+ symbol hash keys in all formulae. (#4942)
Dave Cottlehuber testssl: add HEAD option and pass strict audit
Mike McQuaid testssl: bottle unneeded.
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