Validating, recursive, caching DNS resolver

Current versions

unbound requires the following formulae to be installed:
openssl 1.0.2m SSL/TLS cryptography library
libevent 2.1.8 Asynchronous event library

Reverse dependencies

The following formulae require unbound to be installed:
libopendkim 2.10.3 Implementation of Domain Keys Identified Mail authentication
getdns 1.2.1 Modern asynchronous DNS API

Formula history

ilovezfs Use “squiggly” heredocs.
ilovezfs unbound 1.6.7
ilovezfs unbound 1.6.6
ilovezfs unbound 1.6.5
Filippo Valsorda unbound: use the brewed Python (#16728)
ilovezfs unbound 1.6.4
ilovezfs unbound 1.6.3
ilovezfs unbound 1.6.2
Baptiste Fontaine unbound 1.6.1
Mike McQuaid unbound: fix post_install. (#12093)
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