Tools for working with VCF files

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vcftools requires the following formulae to be installed:

Formula history

FX Coudertvcftools: import homebrew/dupes into core.
Tim D. Smithvcftools: fix perl module path
Michka Popoffvcftools 0.1.14
Shaun Jackmanvcftools: update 0.1.13 bottle for Linuxbrew.
Shaun Jackmanvcftools 0.1.13
Shaun Jackmanvcftools 0.1.12b: Move the bottle block
Shaun Jackmanvcftools 0.1.12b: Update style
Lance Parsonsvcftools 0.1.12b
Ian LancasterUse new-style test definitions
Ian Lancastervcftools: add option for brewed zlib
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