Run Windows applications without a copy of Microsoft Windows

Current versions:
1.8.3 1.9.14 HEAD



wine requires the following formulae to be installed:

Formula history

Viktor Szakats wine: use secure url in comment
makigumo wine: move sierra patch to stable block; add trivial test (#2889)
uyjulian wine 1.9.14 (devel) (#2837)
Misty De Meo wine: add patches for 10.12 compatibility
uyjulian wine 1.9.13 (devel) (#2371)
uyjulian wine 1.8.3
uyjulian wine 1.9.12 (devel) (#1870)
uyjulian wine 1.9.11 (devel)
uyjulian wine 1.9.10 (devel)
David Holm wine 1.8.2
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