Run Windows applications without a copy of Microsoft Windows

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wine requires the following formulae to be installed:

Formula history

ilovezfswine 2.0.2
uyjulianwine 2.13 (devel) (#15847)
Samuel Markswine: escape backslashes in caveats (#15806)
globaloverdosewine: fix for net-snmp on 10.13 (#15612)
FX Coudertwine: update libpng, fontconfig, mpg123
uyjulianwine 2.12 (devel) (#15398)
Tobias Markuswine 2.11 (devel) (#14976)
Zero Kingwine: update XQuartz link (#14522)
ilovezfswine 2.10 (devel)
uyjulianwine 2.9 (devel)
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