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Current versions:
1.6.2 1.7.50 HEAD


This formula is keg-only.


wine requires the following formulae to be installed:

Formula history

David Holm wine 1.7.50 (devel)
Dominyk Tiller wine: don't attempt to gsub gstabs on devel
uyjulian wine 1.7.49 (devel)
BrewTestBot Formula files style updates.
uyjulian wine 1.7.48 (devel)
uyjulian wine 1.7.47 (devel)
uyjulian wine 1.7.46 (devel)
uyjulian wine 1.7.45 (devel)
Nikolaus Wittenstein Add descriptions to all remaining homebrew packages
Dan wine 1.7.44 --devel
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