Run Windows applications without a copy of Microsoft Windows

Current versions:
1.8.2 1.9.9 HEAD



wine requires the following formulae to be installed:

Reverse dependencies

The following formula requires wine to be installed:

Formula history

David Holm wine 1.8.2
uyjulian wine 1.9.9 (devel)
Viktor Szakats wine: use secure urls in comment, fix audit problem with description
uyjulian wine 1.9.8 (devel)
uyjulian wine 1.9.7 (devel)
uyjulian wine 1.9.6 (devel)
uyjulian wine 1.8.1
uyjulian wine 1.9.5 (devel)
uyjulian wine 1.9.4(devel)
Alex Rothberg wine: add patch to fix issues with MSI creation
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