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Current versions:
1.6.2 1.7.39 HEAD


This formula is keg-only.


wine requires the following formulae to be installed:

Formula history

Misty De Meo wine: don't require universal deps on 32-bit Intel
uyjulian wine 1.7.39 (devel)
Dreysman wine devel 1.7.38
Dreysman wine 1.7.37 (devel)
David Holm wine 1.7.36 (devel)
Dreysman wine devel 1.7.35
uyjulian wine 1.7.34 (devel)
Viktor Szakats wine: use https links
uyjulian wine 1.7.33
uyjulian wine 1.7.32 and winetricks r1217
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