Run Windows applications without a copy of Microsoft Windows

Current versions:
1.8.6 2.0-rc6 HEAD



wine requires the following formulae to be installed:

Formula history

uyjulian wine 2.0-rc6 (devel)
uyjulian wine 2.0-rc5 (devel)
uyjulian wine 2.0-rc4 (devel)
Tomasz Pajor wine 1.8.6
Dreysman wine 2.0-rc3 (devel) (#8296)
Mike McQuaid wine: remove ENV.libxml2 no-op.
uyjulian wine 2.0-rc2 (devel)
Mike McQuaid wine: remove unused fails_with :llvm.
uyjulian wine 2.0-rc1 (devel) (#7733)
uyjulian wine: enable 64-bit WoW support
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