Cross-platform C++ GUI toolkit (wxWidgets for macOS)

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 Also known as:wxwidgets


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Willem Duminywxmac: fixed patch SHAs after github upgrade
Willem Duminywxmac: fixed description
FX Coudertwxmac: drop universal
Rafael Kitoverwxmac: remove --disable-debug #6117
Andrew Jankewxmac: reunite lost comment with its associated code
Izzy NavedoReplace references to “(Mac) OS X” with “macOS”.
Zhiming Wangwxmac: patch for Xcode 8 with macOS 10.12 SDK
Zhiming Wangwxmac: move inline patch to a hosted one
Dominyk Tillerwxmac: update comment link
Sarim Khanwxmac: fix custom print paper size bug.
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