Provides a higher level interface to XML processing

Current version:

Homepage: https://wiki.shibboleth.net/confluence/display/OpenSAML/XMLTooling-C


xml-tooling-c requires the following formulae to be installed:

Reverse dependencies

The following formula requires xml-tooling-c to be installed:

Formula history

Kevin Abel shibboleth-sp 2.6.0
Kevin Abel xml-tooling-c 1.6.0
Mike McQuaid xml-tooling-c: add with-openssl option.
Baptiste Fontaine xml-tooling-c: use an https url
Nikolaus Wittenstein Add descriptions to all remaining homebrew packages
Jack Nagel xml-tooling-c: build against boost 1.55
Steffen Matthischke xml-tooling-c 1.5.3
david.hkc xml-tooling-c 1.6.2