The next-generation plugin manager for zsh

Current versions:
2.3.2 HEAD

Homepage: https://zplug.sh/


zplug requires the following formula to be installed:

Formula history

ilovezfs zplug 2.3.2
ilovezfs zplug 2.3.1
ilovezfs zplug 2.3.0
stevenjlho zplug 2.2.4 (#5227)
ilovezfs zplug 2.2.3
ilovezfs zplug 2.2.2
ilovezfs zplug 2.2.1
Viktor Szakats zplug: use secure homepage
stevenjlho zplug 2.1.0 (#973)
Naoki Mizuno zplug 2.0.0 (new formula)
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