Package listing

This is a listing of all Homebrew packages available in the tap repository Homebrew/homebrew-core.

cdparanoia 10.2 Audio extraction tool for sampling CDs
cdpr 2.4 Cisco Discovery Protocol Reporter
cdrdao 1.2.3 Record CDs in Disk-At-Once mode
cdrtools 3.01_1 CD/DVD/Blu-ray premastering and recording software
center-im 4.22.10_1 Text-mode multi-protocol instant messaging client
cereal 1.2.2 C++11 library for serialization
ceres-solver 1.13.0_4 C++ library for large-scale optimization
cern-ndiff 5.02.11 Numerical diff tool
certbot 0.21.0 Tool to obtain certs from Let's Encrypt and autoenable HTTPS
certigo 1.9.2 Utility to examine and validate certificates in a variety of formats
certstrap 1.1.1 Tools to bootstrap CAs, certificate requests, and signed certificates
ceylon 1.3.3 Programming language for writing large programs in teams
cf 1.2.5 Filter to replace numeric timestamps with a formated date time
cf4ocl 2.1.0 C Framework for OpenCL
cfengine 3.11.0 Help manage and understand IT infrastructure
cfitsio 3.420 C access to FITS data files with optional Fortran wrappers
cflow 1.5 Generate call graphs from C code
cfr-decompiler 0.122 Yet Another Java Decompiler
cfssl 1.2.0_2 CloudFlare's PKI toolkit
cfv 1.18.3 Test and create various files (e.g., .sfv, .csv, .crc., .torrent)
cgal 4.11_1 Computational Geometry Algorithm Library
cgdb 0.7.0 Curses-based interface to the GNU Debugger
cgoban 1.9.12 Go-related services
cgrep 6.6.22 Context-aware grep for source code
cgvg 1.6.3 Command-line source browsing tool
chadwick 0.6.5 Tools for parsing Retrosheet MLB play-by-play files
chaiscript 6.0.0 Easy to use embedded scripting language for C++
chakra 1.8.0 The core part of the JavaScript engine that powers Microsoft Edge
chamber 1.15.0 CLI for managing secrets through AWS SSM Parameter Store
chapel 1.16.0 Emerging programming language designed for parallel computing