Package listing

This is a listing of all Homebrew packages available in the tap repository Homebrew/homebrew-core.

chruby 0.3.9 Ruby environment tool
chruby-fish 0.8.1 Thin wrapper around chruby to make it work with the Fish shell
chuck Concurrent, on-the-fly audio programming language
cidrmerge 1.5.3 CIDR merging with white listing (network exclusion)
cifer 1.2.0 Work on automating classical cipher cracking in C
cig 0.1.5 CLI app for checking the state of your git repositories
cimg 2.2.2 C++ toolkit for image processing
citus 7.3.0 PostgreSQL-based distributed RDBMS
cityhash 1.1.1 Hash functions for strings
civl 1.7-3157_1 The Concurrency Intermediate Verification Language
cjdns 20.1 Advanced mesh routing system with cryptographic addressing
ck 0.6.0 Concurrency primitives and non-blocking data structures library
ckan 1.24.0 The Comprehensive Kerbal Archive Network
cksfv 1.3.14 File verification utility
clac 0.3.2 Command-line, stack-based calculator with postfix notation
clamav 0.100.0_1 Anti-virus software
clamz 0.5_1 Download MP3 files from Amazon's music store
clang-format 2018-01-11 Formatting tools for C, C++, Obj-C, Java, JavaScript, TypeScript
classads 1.0.10 Classified Advertisements (used by HTCondor Central Manager)
clblas 2.12 Library containing BLAS functions written in OpenCL
clblast 1.3.0 Tuned OpenCL BLAS library
clean 3.4 Search for files matching a regex and delete them
clearlooks-phenix 7.0.1_1 GTK+3 port of the Clearlooks Theme
clens 0.7.0 Library to help port code from OpenBSD to other operating systems
cless Display file contents with colorized syntax highlighting
clfft 2.12.2 FFT functions written in OpenCL
clhep Class Library for High Energy Physics
cli53 0.8.12 Command-line tool for Amazon Route 53
clib 1.8.1 Package manager for C programming
cliclick 4.0.1 Tool for emulating mouse and keyboard events