Package listing

This is a listing of all Homebrew packages available in the tap repository Homebrew/homebrew-core.

dcadec 0.2.0 DTS Coherent Acoustics decoder with support for HD extensions
dcal 0.1.0 dcal(1) is to cal(1) what ddate(1) is to date(1)
dcd 0.9.2 Auto-complete program for the D programming language
dcfldd 1.3.4-1 Enhanced version of dd for forensics and security
dcled 2.2 Linux driver for dream cheeky USB message board
dcm2niix 1.0.20180328 DICOM to NIfTI converter
dcmtk 3.6.3 OFFIS DICOM toolkit command-line utilities
dcos-cli 0.6.1 Cross-platform command-line utility to manage DC/OS clusters
dcraw 9.27.0_2 Digital camera RAW photo decoding software
ddar 1.0_5 De-duplicating archiver
ddate 0.2.2 Converts boring normal dates to fun Discordian Date
ddclient 3.8.3 Update dynamic DNS entries
ddd 3.3.12_1 Graphical front-end for command-line debuggers
ddgr 1.4 DuckDuckGo from the terminal
ddrescue 1.23 GNU data recovery tool
deark 1.4.5 File conversion utility for older formats
debianutils 4.8.4 Miscellaneous utilities specific to Debian
defaultbrowser 1.1 Command-line tool for getting & setting the default browser
deheader 1.6 Analyze C/C++ files for unnecessary headers
dehydrated 0.6.1 LetsEncrypt/acme client implemented as a shell-script
deis 2.18.0 The CLI for Deis Workflow
deisctl 1.13.4 Deis Control Utility
deja-gnu 1.6.1 Framework for testing other programs
delta 2006.08.03 Programatically minimize files to isolate features of interest
denominator 4.7.1 Portable Java library for manipulating DNS clouds
dep 0.4.1_1 Go dependency management tool
dependency-check 3.1.2 OWASP dependency-check
depqbf 6.03 Solver for quantified boolean formulae (QBF)
derby Apache Derby is an embedded relational database running on JVM
desk 0.6.0 Lightweight workspace manager for the shell