Package listing

This is a listing of all Homebrew packages available in the tap repository Homebrew/homebrew-core.

digitemp 3.7.1 Read temperature sensors in a 1-Wire net
dirac 1.0.2 General-purpose video codec aimed at a range of resolutions
direnv 2.15.2 Load/unload environment variables based on $PWD
direvent 5.1 Monitors events in the file system directories
dirmngr 1.1.1_3 Server for managing certificate revocation lists
dirt 1.1_1 Experimental sample playback
discount 2.2.3a C implementation of Markdown
disktype 9 Detect content format of a disk or disk image
dislocker 0.7.1_1 FUSE driver to read/write Windows' BitLocker-ed volumes
distcc 3.2rc1.2 Distributed compiler client and server
distribution 1.3 Create ASCII graphical histograms in the terminal
ditaa 0.11.0 Convert ASCII diagrams into proper bitmap graphics
django-completion 2.0.4 Bash completion for Django
djbdns 1.05 D.J. Bernstein's DNS tools
djmount 0.71 File system client for mounting network media servers
djview4 4.10.6_1 Viewer for the DjVu image format
djvu2pdf 0.9.2 Small tool to convert Djvu files to PDF files
djvulibre 3.5.27_1 DjVu viewer
dlib 19.10 C++ library for machine learning
dlite 1.1.5 Provides a way to use docker on macOS without docker-machine
dmalloc 5.5.2 Debug versions of system memory management routines
dmd 2.079.1 D programming language compiler for macOS
dmenu 4.8 Dynamic menu for X11
dmtx-utils 0.7.5_3 Read and write data matrix barcodes
dns2tcp 0.5.2 TCP over DNS tunnel
dnscrypt-proxy 2.0.10 Secure communications between a client and a DNS resolver
dnscrypt-wrapper 0.4.1 Server-side proxy that adds dnscrypt support to name resolvers
dnsdist 1.3.0 Highly DNS-, DoS- and abuse-aware loadbalancer
dnsmap 0.30 Passive DNS network mapper (a.k.a. subdomains bruteforcer)
dnsmasq 2.79 Lightweight DNS forwarder and DHCP server