Package listing

This is a listing of all Homebrew packages available in the tap repository Homebrew/homebrew-core.

g2 1.1 Friendly git client
g3log 1.3 Asynchronous, 'crash safe', logger that is easy to use
gabedit 2.5.0 GUI to computational chemistry packages like Gamess-US, Gaussian, etc.
gaffitter 1.0.0 Efficiently fit files/folders to fixed size volumes (like DVDs)
galen 2.3.5 Automated testing of look and feel for responsive websites
game-music-emu 0.6.1 Videogame music file emulator collection
gammaray 2.8.1 Examine and manipulate Qt application internals at runtime
gammu 1.38.5 Command-line utility to control a phone
gandi.cli 0.22 Command-line interface to products using the public API
ganglia 3.7.2_2 Scalable distributed monitoring system
garmintools 0.10 Interface to the Garmin Forerunner GPS units
gauche 0.9.5 R7RS Scheme implementation, developed to be a handy script interpreter
gauge 0.9.4 Test automation tool that supports executable documentation
gaul 0.1850-0 Genetic Algorithm Utility Library
gawk 4.2.0 GNU awk utility
gbdfed 1.6_1 Bitmap Font Editor
gcab 0.7 Windows installer (.MSI) tool
gcal 4.1 Program for calculating and printing calendars
gcc 7.2.0 GNU compiler collection
gcc@4.6 4.6.4_2 GNU compiler collection
gcc@4.7 4.7.4_2 GNU compiler collection
gcc@4.8 4.8.5 GNU compiler collection
gcc@4.9 4.9.4 The GNU Compiler Collection
gcc@5 5.5.0 The GNU Compiler Collection
gcc@6 6.4.0 GNU compiler collection
gconf 3.2.6_1 System for storing user application preferences
gcore 1.3_1 Produce a snapshot (core dump) of a running process
gcovr 3.3 Reports from gcov test coverage program
gcsfuse 0.23.0 User-space file system for interacting with Google Cloud
gcutil 1.16.1 Manage your Google Compute Engine resources