Package listing

This is a listing of all Homebrew packages available in the tap repository Homebrew/homebrew-core.

httpflow 0.0.7 Packet capture and analysis utility similar to tcpdump for HTTP
httpie 0.9.9_1 User-friendly cURL replacement (command-line HTTP client)
httping 2.5 Ping-like tool for HTTP requests
httpry 0.1.8 Packet sniffer for displaying and logging HTTP traffic
httpstat 1.2.1 Curl statistics made simple
httptunnel 3.3 Tunnels a data stream in HTTP requests
httrack 3.49.2 Website copier/offline browser
hub 2.2.9 Add GitHub support to git on the command-line
hubflow 1.5.2 GitFlow for GitHub
huexpress 3.0.4 PC Engine emulator
hugo 0.33 Configurable static site generator
hunspell 1.6.2 Spell checker and morphological analyzer
hwloc 1.11.9 Portable abstraction of the hierarchical topology of modern architectures
hydra 8.6_1 Network logon cracker which supports many services
hyper 1.10.16 Client for HyperHQ's cloud service
hyperestraier 1.4.13 Full-text search system for communities
hyperscan 4.6.0_1 High-performance regular expression matching library
hyperspec 7.0 Common Lisp ANSI-standard Hyperspec
hypre 2.11.2_2 Library featuring parallel multigrid methods for grid problems