Package listing

This is a listing of all Homebrew packages available in the tap repository Homebrew/homebrew-core.

jfrog-cli-go 1.14.0 Command-line interface for Jfrog Artifactory and Bintray
jhead 3.00_1 Extract Digicam setting info from EXIF JPEG headers
jhiccup 2.0.8 Measure pauses and stalls of an app's Java runtime platform
jhipster 4.14.3 Generate, develop and deploy Spring Boot + Angular applications
jid 0.7.2 Json incremental digger
jigdo 0.7.3_4 Tool to distribute very large files over the internet
jing-trang 20151127 Schema validation and conversion based on RELAX NG
jlog 2.3.0 Pure C message queue with subscribers and publishers for logs
jmeter 4.0 Load testing and performance measurement application
jmxtrans 270 Tool to connect to JVMs and query their attributes
jnethack 3.4.3-0.11 Japanese localization of Nethack
jnettop 0.13.0_1 View hosts/ports taking up the most network traffic
jo 1.1 JSON output from a shell
joe 4.6 Joe's Own Editor (JOE)
john 1.8.0 Featureful UNIX password cracker
john-jumbo 1.8.0 Enhanced version of john, a UNIX password cracker
jooby-bootstrap 0.2.2 Script to simplify the creation of jooby apps
joplin 1.0.106 Note taking and to-do application with synchronisation capabilities
jose 10 C-language implementation of Javascript Object Signing and Encryption
joshua 6.0.5 Statistical machine translation decoder
jove Emacs-style editor with vi-like memory, CPU, and size requirements
jp2a 1.0.6_1 Convert JPG images to ASCII
jpcsp 0.7+20160322 PSP emulator written in Java
jpeg 9c Image manipulation library
jpeg-archive 2.1.1 Utilities for archiving JPEGs for long term storage
jpeg-turbo 1.5.3 JPEG image codec that aids compression and decompression
jpeginfo 1.6.1_1 Prints information and tests integrity of JPEG/JFIF files
jpegoptim 1.4.6 Utility to optimize JPEG files
jpegrescan 1.1.0 Losslessly shrink any JPEG file
jq 1.5_3 Lightweight and flexible command-line JSON processor