Package listing

This is a listing of all Homebrew packages available in the tap repository Homebrew/homebrew-core.

kobalt 1.0.114 Build system
kommit 1.1.0 More detailed commit messages without committing!
kompose 1.12.0 Tool to move from `docker-compose` to Kubernetes
konoha 0.1_3 Static scripting language with extensible syntax
kontena 1.5.2 Command-line client for Kontena container orchestration platform
kops 1.9.0 Production Grade K8s Installation, Upgrades, and Management
kore 2.0.0 Web application framework for writing web APIs in C
kotlin 1.2.40 Statically typed programming language for the JVM
kpcli 3.2 Command-line interface to KeePass database files
kqwait 1.0.3 Wait for events on files or directories on macOS
krakend 0.4.2 Ultra-High performance API Gateway built in Go
krb5 1.16 Network authentication protocol
ksh 93u+ KornShell, ksh93
kstart 4.2 Modified version of kinit that can use keytabs to authenticate
ktmpl 0.7.0 Parameterized templates for Kubernetes manifests
ktoblzcheck 1.49 Library for German banks
kube-aws 0.9.9 CoreOS Kubernetes on AWS
kube-ps1 0.6.0 Kubernetes prompt info for bash and zsh
kubectx 0.5.0 Tool that can switch between kubectl contexts easily and create aliases
kubeless 0.6.0 Kubernetes Native Serverless Framework
kubernetes-cli 1.10.1 Kubernetes command-line interface
kubernetes-helm 2.8.2 The Kubernetes package manager
kumo 1.13 Word Clouds in Java
kvazaar 1.2.0 Ultravideo HEVC encoder
kyoto-cabinet 1.2.76 Library of routines for managing a database
kyoto-tycoon 0.9.56_2 Database server with interface to Kyoto Cabinet
kytea 0.4.7 Toolkit for analyzing text, especially Japanese and Chinese
kyua 0.13_1 Testing framework for infrastructure software